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Request For: Professional Web Design and Brand Development Services
Request Date: June 1, 2021
Closing Date & Time: June 18th, 2021 at 23:59 ET
Contact Name: Georgina Truman, Manager, Athlete Relations and Operations
Address Inquiries to:

  1. About AthletesCAN Web Design and Brand Development

In contributing to a strong and vibrant Canadian sport system, AthletesCAN is committed to developing athlete leaders, who lead by example, inspire others to excel and contribute to meaningful change where they live, work and play. AthletesCAN has determined that the existing website no longer serves its needs and requires a new web design and brand refresh to maximize awareness of members, national team athletes and sport partners within the Canadian sport system. Additionally, over the next year AthletesCAN will be transitioning into a new strategic plan and believes it important to improve the website and brand to suit the new strategy. As the first and most inclusive organization of its kind in the world, AthletesCAN website must represent our unique identity and act as an extension of our values of integrity, courage, inclusivity and transparency.

AthletesCAN is the association for Canada’s national team athletes, and as a member association, a primary feature of the website will be a robust membership database platform that maximizes membership growth. In ensuring AthletesCAN website processes are seamless, efficient and that data is accurate we require sophisticated data analytics capabilities as well as other back-end systems including an internal mailing and event management platforms. An engaging yet streamlined access to services, education resources, and newsfeed are all highly important for AthletesCAN to support an athlete centered sport system in Canada. Information such as press releases, policies, education modules, programs, and organizational information must be made available quickly and easily and be accessible to users of all abilities. Additionally, donations and event registration are primarily accessed through and promoted on this website, which results in database, marketing, and revenue generation requirements. By investing in a design that is accessible, modern, user-friendly and visually appealing, AthletesCAN website traffic will increase and so too will our ability to support Canadian national team athletes.

  1. Project Overview

This project will entail working with a provider of digital branding and design services to create a strategy for the AthletesCAN brand that is inclusive of its membership and develop an accessible new website in line with this brand. Using content provided by AthletesCAN in both official languages, the creative agency will develop a brand strategy and a new website that will meet operational requirements and strategic objectives. The consultant will work with the AthletesCAN review committee at Project Lead. The Product must meet the AthletesCAN standards in terms of diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, official languages, and portability to mobile devices.

  1. Project Objective:

AthletesCAN seeks to modernize the AthletesCAN website to create a sleek and efficient virtual space for national team athletes, members, partners, and stakeholders. The new look will be aligned with a captivating brand strategy, following a simplistic design that enables our athletes to navigate the available support and opportunities to participate in AthletesCAN Initiatives. Additionally, the website will serve as a resource hub for athlete representation and best practices in the Canadian sport system. The website will be aligned with the 2021-2025 strategic direction including an athlete insights hub, a primary location for athletes to provide their perspectives on current matters in the athlete and sport landscape, and for partners and stakeholders to understand the needs of athletes across various subject matter areas.

  1. Contractor Responsibilities

The successful contractor will be responsible for:

  • Project management as it relates to website, brand development and communications strategy
  • Creating a strategy for the AthletesCAN brand including Letterhead, logo in multiple file types, font files, tone of voice, document explaining overview of the brand design, document detailing communication strategy
  • Working with the review committee on creating a new website design that has a fresh and current look and that is graphically appealing with up-to-date photos
  • Accessibility:
  • Completing the web design to enable the outlined requirements and objectives, using content provided by AthletesCAN;
    • Ensuring the new website is responsive, has a search feature, and is mobile friendly
    • Ensuring the new website can be updated by AthletesCAN once the site is created including necessary documentation
    • Ensuring the website is through a Canadian host and that the host has a maintenance/support package
    • Linking Drupal / CiviCRM or comparable CRM alternative that supports membership database features, automated newsletter email system, donation platform, event management and additional features as needed.
    • Ensuring the website has e-commerce capabilities to support donations and event registration fees
    • Ensuring the website includes an event management platform that allows us to track registration, process registration fees, manage event registration and support post event analytics.
    • Ensuring a data collection, analytic, and visualization tools are compatible with the website
    • Ensuring web design and brand development follows the Content Style Guide;
    • The final web design deliverable will need to be compatible with Drupal web platform or comparable alternative
  1. Project Scope

  • The website must be completed in the 2021-2022 fiscal year (Apr. 1, 2021-March 31, 2022).
  • The web design and brand development assets must be developed in English and French. The French translation will be provided to the successful contractor.
  • Other considerations include:
    • The successful Contractor must be available June 25, 2021-January 14, 2022.
    • The successful Contractor will have access to the AthletesCAN Project Lead
    • English content will be provided to the Contractor immediately after selection and French translation to be provided when the English test site and brand assets are completed.
    • AthletesCAN is receptive to ideas for web design and brand development, and these should be included in your proposal submission.

5.1.  Project Timeline

June 1, 2021

Request for Proposal Posted

June 18, 2021

Deadline for RFP Submissions

June 25, 2021

Successful Contractor Identified

June 25-July 25, 2021

Brand and Communication strategy developed

July 30, 2021

Brand and communication strategy approved by the Board

July 30 – January 14, 2022

French and English Website developed and launched

*AthletesCAN is receptive to discuss the timeline with successful candidates.

  1. Proposal Guidelines

This RFP represents the requirements for an open and competitive process. Proposals will be accepted until 23:59 EST on June 18th. Your proposal must include, at a minimum:

  • Experience/background;
  • Pricing profile for all aspects of the project;
  • Hourly rate for subsequent work;
  • Samples of previous work, unless previously submitted; and
  • Contact information for 2 References, unless previously submitted.

All fees must be itemized to include an explanation of all fees. Contract terms and conditions will be negotiated upon selection of the winning bidder for this RFP. All contractual terms and conditions will be subject to review by AthletesCAN and will include scope, budget, schedule, and other necessary items pertaining to the project.

  1. Deadline for Submissions

Questions for the RFP will be answered until 17:00 EST June 17, 2021. To ensure a fair and transparent process, questions and answers will be shared with all parties asked to participate in this process. Please direct questions to Georgina Truman at

  • Submissions must be received before 23:59 EST June 18, 2021 and emailed to the attention of Georgina Truman at
  • Proposals will be evaluated between June 18 and June 25, 2021 which could also include a follow-up with shortlisted candidates. Elements of the proposals that will be evaluated (but not limited to), include:
    • Expertise/qualifications;
    • Creative approach and direction;
    • Ability to meet AthletesCAN website and brand standards, and all other standards noted in this document;
    • Project budget, timelines, and costs;
    • Ability to manage the project within timelines.

  • The selected contractor will be notified by June 25, 2021.
  1. Mandate of the AthletesCAN Project Lead and Review Committee

The project lead in collaboration with the Review Committee is responsible for providing advice, content recommendations, and feedback to the contractor based upon current research and stakeholder needs. The outcome is the completion of a new website design and brand strategy.

  1. About AthletesCAN

AthletesCAN, the association of Canada’s national team athletes, is the only fully independent and most inclusive athlete organization in the country and the first organization of its kind in the world.  As the collective voice of Canadian national team athletes, AthletesCAN ensures an athlete centered sport system by developing athlete leaders who influence sport policy and, as role models, inspire a strong sport culture.

Our Mission: We are the collective athlete voice in the unwavering pursuit of an athlete centered sport system

Our Vision: To unite and amplify the voices of all Canadian national team athletes

Our Values
Integrity: We lead with an honest and moral approach to everything we do.
Courage: We find the strength to stand up for what is right.
Inclusivity: We represent a diverse membership and support the voices of all athletes.
Transparency: We are open and vulnerable in our effort to create a better sport system.