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A seasoned journalist and content expert, Baker will work with researchers and subject matter experts to curate and develop high-quality content aimed at empowering athletes, coaches, officials and organizations with essential knowledge and best practices.

Ottawa – The Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) is thrilled to announce the appointment of Paula Baker as the new Managing Editor. With an impressive background in journalism and content creation, Baker brings a wealth of experience and expertise to SIRC’s editorial team.

Baker joins SIRC after a successful career as a multi-media journalist, with a proven track record of delivering captivating and insightful stories. Her exceptional writing skills and in-depth knowledge of Canadian sport make her a perfect fit for SIRC, as the organization continues to expand its content offerings and support the needs of athletes, coaches, and organizations across Canada and beyond.

“We are delighted to welcome Paula Baker to our team as the Managing Editor,” said Debra Gassewitz, CEO and President at SIRC. “Paula’s outstanding work in journalism, coupled with her passion for promoting sports excellence and sharing valuable insights, aligns perfectly with SIRC’s mission. Her presence will undoubtedly elevate our editorial standards and further strengthen our commitment to providing top-notch resources to the sporting community.”

As Managing Editor, Paula will head the editorial approach to curating and developing high-quality content, across SIRC’s different publications and platforms.

“I am honored and excited to join SIRC, an organization that plays a pivotal role in advancing sports research and knowledge dissemination,” said Baker. “I look forward to collaborating with the talented team at SIRC and contributing to the creation of content that will drive positive change and growth within the sports industry.”

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