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True Sport is proud to present a new resource for educators of children aged 6 to 9. The True Sport ExperienceVolume 1: FUNdamentals consists of a series of physical activities that facilitate learning the True Sport Principles. Whether you are a teacher, coach or recreational leader, The True Sport Experience offers a balanced and intentional approach to physical education by focusing on the development of both ethical and physical literacy. The activities align with current Canadian physical education curricula and can be applied in the classroom, in the community, and beyond.

Endorsed by PHE Canada, this resource provides:

  • An understanding of the True Sport Principles and how to teach them through quality physical activity experiences,
  • Support for children’s physical and ethical literacy development within the FUNdamentals Stage of Long-Term Development, with explicit connections made to each within the activities,
  • Key learning objectives that require students to understand how they can apply the True Sport Principles in all areas of their lives.

The activities in The True Sport Experience will challenge young people’s minds and bodies in developmentally appropriates ways. Participants will explore, apply and evaluate how their personal values influence their ethical decision-making in real time, through structured and unstructured environments for play. The seven True Sport Principles are taught within fun and inclusive activities, such as: 

  • Heart Healthy Bingo: Mix tasks like 20 jumping jacks and “Tell a peer why it is important to drink enough water” to get kids talking about how to Stay Healthy in both mind and body. 
  • Musical Hoops: Reinforce the idea that you can Include Everyone in games to increase health and enjoyment for all. As hoops are removed from the game, no players are eliminated… instead they team up inside the remaining hoops!

If you’re looking for a resource that will help you create positive sport and recreation experiences for kids with a focus on meaningful physical and ethical literacy, download The True Sport Experience today!


The PHE Canada endorsement recognizes the resource for its support of quality physical and health education programming and the promotion of healthy learning environments for students.

This resource “will support educators in planning and delivering meaningful learning experiences and provide opportunities for students to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to lead resilient, active, and healthy lives.” – PHE Canada

“I truly believe everyone deserves and should expect a positive sporting experience. Through this resource, educators, coaches and others may set the stage for introducing the True Sport Principles in a fun and interactive way to children as they’re beginning to explore sport. This will allow them to both understand the principles and embody them throughout their daily and sporting experiences.”
    —  Grant McManes, retired educator, True Sport Champion, and PHE Canada Board Representative-Manitoba-Nunavut