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New Report Points the Way to Stronger Community Sport

You are invited to read a compelling new True Sport resource that strengthens earlier research about the boundless benefits of values-based sport – then takes it to a whole new level!

Commissioned by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES)Power of Sport: The True Sport Report 2022 cites evidence to confirm what you already know as a True Sport supporter: that to harness the power of sport, it must be good sport, and based on positive values. 

This potential is linked to both the availability of community sport and to the quality of the sport experience itself. Sport can deliver its full value only when it’s available to participants, based on shared values, and guided by the True Sport Principles

Ultimately, the quality and impact of community sport comes down to YOU – the athletes, parents, coaches, officials, administrators, and volunteers – who determine whether or not we will close the gap between the sport we have and the sport we want.

Building on the ground-breaking 2008 What Sport Can Do: The True Sport Report, this version includes eye-opening research on the impacts of sport on children with disabilities, LGBTQ+ inclusion, experiences of racialized and Indigenous peoples, and the impact of climate change on sport. It also considers the consequences of COVID-19 and the opportunities to build back community sport stronger than ever.

Take advantage of these insights to help bring True Sport to life in your community! Read the report, share it with your network, then reflect on what you, your team, your organization, your business, and your community can do to help sport live up to its full potential. 

There is a simple idea at the heart of this report, the same idea that lies at the heart of True Sport — good sport can make a great difference. For more inspiration, check out