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Help us better understand the knowledge and learning theories coaches incorporate into their coaching practices.

This research is a collaborative effort between the University of Central Lancashire (United Kingdom) and the Coaching Association of Canada. It will help contribute to the advancement of coaching education, learning, and research to benefit the greater public.

This survey is concerned with coaches’ knowledge and experience of learning theories, especially those linked to the brain. It asks about experiences of coach education and professional development, and how they presented ideas about how players and athletes learn.

Your participation involves the completion of a questionnaire that asks about a number of topics that are necessary for us to develop a complete picture of coaches’ knowledge and understanding of learning and the brain:

  1. Background information – about you and your sports coaching background
  2. About Coaching and the Brain – about your views and experience of brain-based learning ideas
  3. Ideas about the Brain and Coaching/Learning – about your personal understanding of the brain and learning

The questionnaire is to be completed independently via an online platform ( and participation will involve completion of the questionnaire on one occasion.

The deadline is July 15. Take the survey now: