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June 1, 2020 (Ottawa, Ontario): As it begins its 20th year, the organization that advocates on behalf of the sport tourism industry has a bold new look, and a new name. Sport Tourism Canada (STC) was announced as the new name for the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance, which had developed an international reputation for its promotion of Canada as a premiere destination for bidding and hosting sport events.

Originally planned to be unveiled at the flagship Sport Event Congress 2020 in Edmonton in March, the new name and brand personality was a highlight of a virtual Annual General Meeting and online gathering of the members on May 28th.

“We have grown and evolved so significantly from our beginnings in 2000”, said Rick Traer, CEO of Sport Tourism Canada. “This new name and brand reflects the leadership position we hold in the industry, as well as our services to a much broader membership base that includes destination marketing organizations, sports rights holders, suppliers, and the educational/research sector.”

“It also ties together the many different services we provide in one cohesive look, that illustrate the many aspects of our business: Leaders – bringing authority to advocate for the sector; Connectors – drawing the industry together for common causes; Resourceful – creating program and services to enhance our members capabilities; and Optimistic – striving for our ideals and pushing ourselves to achieve our goals.” The new look for Sport Tourism Canada features a combination of typography and a Favicon. The typography gives SPORT a prominent position with a strong font conveying authority, strength and endurance. Tourism stretches the same width below, conveying the synergy of the relationship of the two sectors. And Canada, with lines connecting to each side of the logo, symbolizes sport tourism’s reach across Canada. The Favicon, which appears in the word SPORT, was inspired by the movement of athletes and the motion of sport. Its circular shape represents the industry as a whole, and the leaf, which is an iconic symbol of Canada, conveys the sense of movement, action and achievement.

The colours are a combination of the classic Canada red and a rich aubergine colour in the primary logo. Additional colours are introduced in the sub-logos for Sport Events Congress, PRESTIGE awards, STEAM2.0, STEAM PRO2.0, FESTPRO, Sport Tourism FORE-um and [un] GOLF, STEER, and the Sport Hosting Index. The Favicon will appear in all of the sub-logos, tying the brands together.

For a full overview of Sport Tourism Canada’s brand, please visit the new website at:


About Sport Tourism Canada (STC)

Sport Tourism Canada is a non-governmental, member-based, capacity building organization that promotes sport tourism as a grassroots economic development initiative at the community level. The CSTA services over 500 members across Canada, including 130 municipalities, 300 national and provincial sport, multi-sport and major games organizations and a variety of other sport and tourism industry partners. Sport tourism is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry in Canada with over $6.8 billion in annual spending by domestic and international visitors.

Rick Traer, CEO, Sport Tourism Canada


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