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Ottawa, ON (January 31, 2022) – Boccia Canada is pleased to announce four communities received support to develop boccia in their region through the 2021-22 Take the Shot Grant program. The goal of the program is to increase boccia awareness across Canada and introduce the sport to potential athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.

The program includes two different grants. The “New Program” grant supports the establishment of new boccia programs with coaches, volunteers and athletes, and the “Try It” grant supports efforts to introduce boccia to a community that may have no experience with the sport. Funds can be used on a variety of areas including coach training, equipment and facility rental. One grant recipient is the ParaWell Play organization based out of Abbotsford, British Columbia. Parawell Play was created by Karen Natho, former director of the Brock Niagara Penguins. Ten years ago, Natho started a weekly boccia program in her hometown of St. Catharines, Ontario. After moving to the Fraser Valley area, she now hopes to share her love of boccia with her new community.

“The University of the Fraser Valley (School of Kinesiology), SportAbility and ParaWell Play were excited to offer a six-week para boccia junior program to youth 6-14 years of age at the Chilliwack campus last October. We were able to recruit interested participants, properly train students to work with the athletes, and purchase equipment such as boccia balls and a ramp. It truly is a win-win for everyone involved! Thanks to Boccia Canada, we’re all closest to the jack!”

Other “New Program” grant recipients include the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE) of Victoria and the Bay Bulls Bauline Athletics Association of Bay Bulls, Newfoundland.

Through the “Try It” grant, Kate Walsh, a grade six physical education teacher at Holy Cross School in Eastport, Newfoundland and Labrador will be introducing boccia to a school that has never had the opportunity to try the sport. This will allow 75 students from grade 4 to 12 the chance to try boccia and embrace skills of all levels, while focusing on inclusivity.

“Our small school is built on trust, acceptance and support for each other. Our students and staff look out for each other every single day. Boccia will be an opportunity for us to spread inclusivity into sport and activity. We can’t wait to participate!”

For more information about the Take the Shot (Tokyo Edition) program click here.

About Boccia Canada
Boccia Canada is the boccia delivery arm of the Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association (CCPSA), the National Sport Organization for the Paralympic sport of boccia. Boccia Canada is focused on providing athletes and individuals of all ages and skill with the chance to play a unique Paralympic sport. CCPSA collaborates with partners to increase the participation of Canadians with cerebral palsy and related disabilities in sport and physical activity, while leading, developing and growing boccia from grassroots, to producing World and Paralympic Champions.

About boccia
Boccia is a Paralympic sport of precision and strategy similar to lawn bowling or curling, played by athletes with Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and related disabilities. It is one of only two Paralympic sports that do not have an Olympic counterpart. Athletes compete in one of six sport classes based on their level and type of disability: BC1, BC2, BC3, BC4, BC5, and Open. For more information on boccia, visit