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Equestrian Canada (EC) is excited to announce an extensive offering of online National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) training modules, now open for registration exclusively in the ECampus.

Since the launch of the ECampus in September 2020, the EC team has been working with Ontario Equestrian (OE) and the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) to make NCCP training available online to support coaches seeking EC Coach Status and EC/NCCP Certification, as well as to ensure training modules are accessible and regularly available from coast to coast.

A highlight of the ECampus’s live training calendar is a suite of online NCCP Multi-sport Training Modules tailored to equestrian coaches, offered as a result of EC’s strengthened partnership with the CAC’s Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representatives. The Coaches Association of Ontario (CAO) is graciously supporting the first wave of training modules.

  • NCCP Make Ethical Decisions
  • NCCP Teaching and Learning
  • NCCP Psychology of Performance
  • NCCP Leading Drug-Free Sport
  • NCCP Developing Athletic Abilities

Additionally, EC has developed three NCCP Equestrian-specific Training Modules:

  • EC/NCCP Long-Term Equestrian Development
  • EC/NCCP Design an Equestrian Sport Program
  • EC/NCCP Plan an Equestrian Practice

French language multi-sport training modules will be available as soon as dates are confirmed with the multi-sport delivery partner. French language equestrian-specific training modules will be scheduled following delivery of the first English modules and the translation of all module content.

For information on which modules are recommended for each EC/NCCP Certification, log in to the ECampus and review the course descriptions. For Certified Coaches, each course you complete will earn five (5) professional development points. EC Registered Coaches will save 15% on the registration fees and Licensed Coaches will save 35%. These discounts are also available for those with pending applications.

We understand this new system will take some time to become familiar with but hope the instructions below provide guidance to get you started.

How to Register for a Course

  • Click the Start Here button below.
  • This will take you to the MyEC homepage to log in and access EC’s ECampus.

Note: If you haven’t set up your MyEC account yet, no problem! Still click the Start Here button and follow the prompts on the MyEC homepage to get started. You can set up a free account without having to purchase an EC Sport Licence.

  • Once logged in to MyEC, scroll down and click the ECampus button.
  • You will now be on the ECampus homepage and can select the Live Training button at the top of the page.
  • Select Live Training to view the list of all modules currently open for registration.
  • Follow the three (3) screenshots below to help complete your module registration.

Start Here

Need Help Registering?
Please contact Hilary Gregory, OE Program Coordinator at