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LIMERICK, IE – Today was the final day of the compound competition at the World Archery Youth Championships in Limerick, Ireland. All twelve compound archers were on the field, trying to make their way through the matches. 

Kolby Boutilier, one of the U21 men, faced off against István Csernák of Hungary in the 1/48 match, who was ranked just one spot above him in 56th. The Hungarian was able to take the match with a final score of 138-125. Ryan Cherniak’s opponent in his match was Frenchman Francois Dubois. Though Dubois was ranked higher than Cherniak in the competition, the Canadian was able to keep the point difference to one. All of the ends were incredibly close, but Dubois came out on top. Adam Berge shot against Moritz Kurz of Germany, and had another close match. Unfortunately, the Canadian lost the match with a score of 140-139.  

On the U18 men’s side, Keegan Crawford shot against Miguel Rubio of Spain. The final score was 140-118, in favour of Rubio. Crawford’s teammate, Riley Warwa, was also shooting against an archer from Spain, Xes Argüelles Presa. After five ends of shooting, the two archers were tied at 138 points each. In the tiebreaker round, both men shot a 9 to make the match event closer, but Argüelles Persa’s arrow was closer to the middle. The final U18 male compound archer, Emmett Kapaniuk, was up against Paz Carmi of Israel. It was another tight match, with the final score being 139-137. 

From the U21 women’s team, Brynnleigh Lohner was up against Jennifer Winsenne of Sweden. Winsenne’s lead did not extend more than two points throughout the match, but unfortunately Lohner lost the match 132-134. Chyler Sanders’ match was also close, against Italian Martina Serafini. Unfortunately, Sanders was not able to claim the victory and dropped the match 134-133. Jyotsna Challa faced off against Olha Khomutovska of Ukraine to round out the U21 women’s group. Khomutovska took the match after five ends, winning 138-118. 

Madelynn Holkema, the highest ranked U18 compound woman, shot versus Miriam Arenas Sánchez in her first match. Holkema was able to shoot strong and win the match, claiming it 134-132. She then advanced into the next round to face the #1-ranked archer, Regina Bernal from Mexico. Bernal won the match in the end, but only by three points. Jordyn Polowaniuk’s first opponent was Olivia Dean (USA), whom she unfortunately lost against with a score of 119-137. The last U18 women’s compound archer was Bailey Mathers, who faced off against another American, Liko Arreola. Mathers was unable to defeat the higher ranked archer and lost with a score of 135-132. 

Tomorrow the competition concludes with the recurve individual elimination rounds. 


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