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As COVID-19 continues to alter our lives, including affecting where, when, how, and if, we are able to paddle across the country, water safety needs to remain a priority for all.
The most important safety measure all paddlers can take is to wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) while paddling. All participants are strongly encouraged to wear a Government of Canada approved PFD at all times while in the boat, irrespective of their age or swimming ability.

As some areas of the country remain in lockdown with paddling clubs and facilities closed, questions have arisen related to boat removal and responsibility for paddling. With regards to these questions CKC has published this Boat Removal and Individual Paddling Statement.

Paddlers should always respect CKC’s On Water Safety Policies, particularly as they relate to cold water paddling, and be aware of the requirements for paddlers laid out by Transport Canada in the Safe Boating Guide.

Critically, all paddlers using racing canoes and kayaks should understand the alternative requirements for on-board safety equipment which applies only to those engaged in formal training, in an official competition or in final preparation for an official competition.

For those paddling sprint racing boats, outside of formal training or competition environments, every boat operating in daylight hours and within sight of shore/navigation markers must carry at minimum a:

  1. PFD for each crew member (Strongly encouraged to be worn properly at all times.)
  2. Buoyant heaving line (15m)
  3. Bailer
  4. Sound Signaling Device (Whistle)

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