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Canada Soccer announced 127 coaches that have completed the requirements of the Advanced Coach Education Program B, Children’s, and Youth Licence courses for the third quarter of 2021. Twenty-one coaches received their Canada Soccer B Licence, twenty-two received the Canada Soccer Children’s Licence and eighty-five coaches received their Canada Soccer Youth Licence – the largest cohort since the Youth Licence launched in 2019.

Included in the Children’s Licence cohort announcement were Adam Miller, Saskatchewan Soccer Association EXCEL Manager, and Mike Salmon, BC Soccer’s Soccer Development Officer.

The Canada Soccer B Licence is the entry point to the Performance Stream and continues the facilitation of learning opportunities so that coaches may work effectively with senior players in the Performance Stream pathway and prepares them to progress to the Canada Soccer A Licence.

The Canada Soccer Children’s Licence is an A Licence equivalent for coaches working with children between the ages of 5-12. The Licence aims to provide coaches with the tools they need to create the best development environments for as many players as possible at their club/academy.

The Canada Soccer Youth Licence provides coaches with theoretical and practical components focusing on holistic, effective coaching of youth players between the ages of 13-18 including designing, delivering and reflecting on all aspects of on and off field activities.

Canada Soccer Advanced Coach Education Program Licences are valid for a three-year term.

More information on the Canada Soccer B Licence program is available at:

More information on Canada Soccer’s Youth Licence program is available at:

More information on the Canada Soccer Children’s Licence program is available at:

Canada Soccer B Licence Recipents (21)
Adam Bond                        Mount Hamilton Youth Soccer Club
Johnny Borsellino             Aurora Football Club
Danielle Cyr                       Mount Saint Vincent University
Mike Dalakis                      Richmond Hill SC
Jake Doodnath                  Toronto Skillz FC
Emanuele Dovigo             Toronto High Park FC
John Fioze                          Richmond Hill SC
Dheeren Govender          Concordia University of Edmonton
Mackenzie Matthews      Calgary Rangers Soccer Club
Kika Mukuninwa               Portage College
Abumere Okonofua        University of Saskatchewan Women’s Soccer
Alikhan Popat                   Football For The World
Nic Reyes                           New Frontier Soccer Club
Kevin Richard                    Miramichi United
Valerio Rocca                    SSE 90
Carlos Rojas                       Oshawa Turul SC
Cristina Romanelli            Juventus Academy Toronto
Chloe Schleichkorn          Burlington Soccer Club
Behrooz Shabangiz          Meraloma
Jennie Waldner                 Unattached
Worrell Wright                 Brampton Elite Soccer Academy

Canada Soccer Children’s Licence Recipients (22)

Paul Bahia                          Surrey Football Club
Dom Butcher                     Gorge Soccer Association
Catherine Fox                   New Frontier Soccer Club
Samuel Gyeke-Amoako  Sporting F.C.
Chelsea Harkins                Surrey United Soccer Club
Maurice Hayes                  Vancouver United FC
Jason Jordan                      Fusion FC
Kevin Julian                        Cliff Avenue United FC
Lauren King                       Vancouver Athletic FC
Stefan Leslie                      Surrey United Soccer Club
Terry Madison                   Caledon Soccer Club
Martin Matthiesen           Beaumont Soccer Association
Eric Munoz                         Sherwood Park Phoenix
Sarah Munoz                     Sherwood Park Phoenix
Leo Nash                            West Van FC
Goncalo Pinto                   Whitecaps FC – Lethbridge
Carlos Recinos                  Blue Devils Football Club
Justin Springer                  Guelph Soccer
Karen Tereposky              Calgary South West United
Graham Thompson          Ridge Meadows Soccer Club
Alexandra Valerio            Calgary Foothills Soccer Club
Glenn Wilson                    Chilliwack FC

Canada Soccer Children’s Licence Recipients (85)

Arianne Adams                                 Surrey United Soccer Club
David Andreychuk                           University of New Brunswick
Christos Angelou                             Storm FC
Scott Ansell                                       Calgary Rangers Soccer Club
Sina Azimi                                          Markham Soccer Club
Kevin Booker                                    TSS Football Club Inc.
Kurt Bosch                                        Sherwood Park District Soccer Association
Cedric Bovan                                    Calgary Blizzards Soccer Club
Fred Chicoy-Daban                         Whitby FC
Marco Colistro                                 Thunder Bay Chill
Michael D’Agostino                        North Vancouver FC
Tony Del Vecchio                            Oakville Soccer Club
Massimo Di Ioia                              Brampton Soccer Club
Ravi Dindial                                       Pickering Football Club
Barry Donnelly                                 Pickering Football Club
Rahim Dosani                                   Whitby FC
Daniel Drummond                           Sherwood Park District Soccer Association
Logan Ellis                                         Calgary Blizzards Soccer Club
Colin Elmes                                       TSS Football Club Inc.
Dan Fairhurst                                    Vancouver Whitecaps
Will Feria                                           Calgary Blizzards Soccer Club
Humberto Ferreira                          North York Academy
Paul Ferries                                       Calgary Foothills Soccer Club
Graham Fisher                                 1 Up Soccer Club
Kevin Francis                                    New Frontier Soccer Club
Sam Gevaux                                      North Toronto Soccer Club
Nedal Haddad                                  Oakville Soccer Club
Gareth Hamilton                             Toronto High Park FC
Paul Hamilton                                  Edmonton Scottish Soccer Club
Karli Hedlund                                    Edmonton Scottish Soccer Club
Colin Hoey                                        FC Durham Academy
Peter Hogg                                       Pickering Football Club
Nick Holt                                           Edmonton Scottish Soccer Club
Ivan Juric                                           Rush Canada Soccer Academy
Constantinos Karvelis                     Vancouver United FC
Phil Kelly                                            Calgary Blizzards Soccer Club
Ross Kenny                                        Richmond United Soccer Club
Steve Kindel                                      North Vancouver FC
Derek Koch                                       Calgary South West United
Saverio Lento                                   Thunder Bay Chill
Cam Leverman                                 St. Albert Soccer Association
Mallory MacDonald                        Toronto High Park FC
Mario MacGlashan                         Brampton Soccer Club
Joe Madill                                          Oakville Soccer Club
Peter Malakoane                            Surrey Football Club
Kondeh Mansaray                           BTB Soccer Academy
Emile Marino                                    Richmond Hill SC
Mackenzie Matthews                     Calgary Rangers Soccer Club
David McCarthy                               Edmonton Scottish Soccer Club
Sam Medeiros                                  Morredale SC
Adam Miller                                      Saskatchewan Soccer Association
Mario Montagliani                          Mountain United FC
Adam Mooi                                      Comox Valley United Soccer Club
Esteban Mora                                  Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club
Marco Moras                                   Lakehead University
Drew Munro                                     Oakville Soccer Club
Zachary Munro                                Chilliwack FC
Brendan O’Connell                         New Frontier Soccer Club
Zoran Odovic                                    Rush Canada Soccer Academy
Jim O’Keefe                                      Calgary South West United
Charles O’Toole                               NAIT Soccer
Bill Pachis                                          Whitby FC
Azad Palani                                       Langley United Soccer Club
Angelo Papafrangos                       Markham Soccer Club
Jeff Paulus                                         Edmonton Scottish Soccer Club
Nick Perugini                                    Vancouver United FC
Adolfo Plaza                                     Waterloo United
Ross Quinton                                    New Frontier Soccer Club
Diogo Raposo                                  Calgary Blizzards Soccer Club
Marco Romozzi                                Ottawa South United
Mike Salmon                                    BC Soccer Association
Federico Sanmartin                        Oakville Soccer Club
Matt Shepherd                                 Waterloo Minor Soccer Association
Jan Skoupil                                        Fusion FC
Billy Sloan                                         Coerver Coaching – Edmonton
Bernie Soto                                      Sherwood Park District Soccer Association
Paulo Sousa                                      Cambridge Youth Soccer Club
Chris Spaidal                                     St. Albert Soccer Association
Ferdinando Tantalo                        Woodbridge Soccer Club
Shahin Tarkavennejad                    Toronto High Park FC
Luis Tinoco                                       Eastside Memorial FC
Georgio Trikkas                               Bradford Soccer Club
Alesha Weiker-Pasternak              St. Albert Soccer Association
Dan Zingone                                     Oakville Soccer Club
Bryan Zintel                                      New Frontier Soccer Club


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