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Heredia, Costa Rica (July 3, 2022) – After two days of taekwondo competition at the 2022 Cadet and Junior Pan American Championships, Team Canada’s 46 cadet and junior athletes competed in 45 divisions across Kyorugi and Poomsae disciplines. Team Canada finished 2nd overall in medal standings for Cadet Poomsae and Kyorugi and 3rd overall for Junior Poomsae and Kyorugi, with a total of 33 medals (6 gold, 12 silver, 15 bronze).

The Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU) hosted the 2022 Cadet and Junior Pan American Championships at the Palacio de los Deportes in Heredia, Costa Rica from June 29th to 30th, 2022. This international competition featured both Kyorugi and Poomsae disciplines and included athletes from eighteen Pan American countries.

Taekwondo Canada’s Poomsae National Team kicked off the competition and earned medals in all their events. Led by coach Master Ri Seong Kang, Canada captured silver medals in the Cadet Male, Cadet Female, Freestyle U17 Male and Freestyle U17 Team events and bronze medals in Cadet Pair, Junior Male, Junior Pair, Freestyle U17 Female and Freestyle U17 Pair events. With their nine total medals, the athletes highlighted the up and coming talent in Canada’s Cadet and Junior Poomsae divisions.

Taekwondo Canada’s Kyorugi National Team consisted of athletes from five provinces displaying a great indication of the future for taekwondo in Canada. The team capped their strong performance with six Pan American Champion titles. In the Cadet division, Ella Brewster (F-55kg), Mohammad Alzghool (M-45kg), and Ronan Sinclair (M+65kg) all won gold while in the Junior division, Sarangi Brindamohan (F-42kg), Megan Brewster (F-52kg), and Almahdi Alzghool (M-55kg) were the champions earning gold medals.

With the COVID-19 pandemic limiting events for the past two years, this was the first National Team opportunity and international competition for many National Team athletes. “Coming into this event, it was difficult to gauge where our Poomsae and Kyorugi athletes were at relative to the other Pan American countries.”, says Taekwondo Canada’s High Performance Director Dr. Allan Wrigley. “We emphasized the importance of focusing on the process and not the outcome. This event was not only a way to measure our best Cadet and Junior athletes relative to other countries, but more importantly, to use as a launching point along their high performance pathway. We could not be more proud with the professionalism, focus, and energy these athletes brought to the team.”

Canada’s Cadet and Junior Kyorugi Teams will now shift their focus and use their performances in Costa Rica as a stepping stone towards the World Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria at the end of July 2022.

Taekwondo Canada would like to congratulate and thank all the athletes, coaches and support staff that attended the 2022 Cadet and Junior Pan American Championships!

Full Team Canada results can be found below. Please click the links below for complete results from the 2022 Cadet and Junior Pan American Championships:

Discipline Event Athlete Result
Kyorugi Cadet F-55kg Ella Brewster Gold
Kyorugi Cadet M-45kg Muhammad Alzghool Gold
Kyorugi Cadet M+65kg Ronan Sinclair Gold
Kyorugi Junior F-42kg Sarangi Brindamohan Gold
Kyorugi Junior F-52kg Megan Brewster Gold
Kyorugi Junior M-55kg Alhmadi Alzghool Gold
Poomsae Cadet Male Jake Kang Silver
Poomsae Cadet Female Rachel Lee Silver
Poomsae Freestyle U17 Male Kai-Hsin Chang Silver
Poomsae Freestyle U17 Team Jake Kang
Grace Campbell
Cailin Cooke
Alan Van
Kai-Hsin Chang
Kyorugi Cadet M-49kg Finn Taylor Silver
Kyorugi Cadet M-61kg Ilya Lenco Silver
Kyorugi Cadet M-65kg Matteo Bennett Silver
Kyorugi Junior F-59kg Gabrielle Beaulieu Silver
Kyorugi Junior F+68kg Aiya Hamrouni Silver
Kyorugi Junior M-51kg Nithan Brindamohan Silver
Kyorugi Junior M-78kg Balvir Dhillon Silver
Kyorugi Junior M+78kg Aubert Le Bel Silver
Poomsae Cadet Pair Godwin Li
Rachel Wong
Poomsae Junior Male Ethan So Bronze
Poomsae Junior Pair Ethan So
Christine Cho
Poomsae Freestyle U17 Female Rachel Lee Bronze
Poomsae Freestyle U17 Pair Alan Van
Christine Cho
Kyorugi Cadet F-33kg Ciara Bennett Bronze
Kyorugi Cadet F-37kg Raya Porter Bronze
Kyorugi Cadet F-41kg Hana Tedford Bronze
Kyorugi Cadet F-47kg Maria Bordokina Bronze
Kyorugi Cadet M-37kg Zach Gillis Bronze
Kyorugi Cadet M-57kg Yassine Hilal Bronze
Kyorugi Junior F-46kg Maude Ricard Bronze
Kyorugi Junior M-45kg Enzo Fabi Bronze
Kyorugi Junior M-48kg Noah Nacsa Bronze
Kyorugi Junior M-68kg Benjamin Tait Bronze
Kyorugi Cadet F-44kg Anna Jo Quarterfinals
Kyorugi Cadet F-51kg Isla Estepa Quarterfinals
Kyorugi Cadet F+59kg Enza Wybraniak Quarterfinals
Kyorugi Cadet M-33kg Levi Gavas Quarterfinals
Kyorugi Cadet M-53kg Omid Eram Quarterfinals
Kyorugi Junior F-44kg Justine Carpentier Quarterfinals
Kyorugi Junior F-55kg Katie Cox Quarterfinals
Kyorugi Junior F-63kg Giorgia Pezzo Quarterfinals
Kyorugi Junior F-68kg Maya Lukic Quarterfinals
Kyorugi Junior M-63kg Ayoub Bouriel Quarterfinals
Kyorugi Junior M-73kg Jacob Boodoo Quarterfinals
Kyorugi Junior M-59kg Jordan Boodoo Round of 16

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