Canadian Concussion Prevention Workshop

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Event Date: Jun. 10, 2019


Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada
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The Concussion Prevention Workshop to be hosted by the Sport Information Resources Centre (SIRC) together with Sport Canada and the FPT Concussion Workgroup will be a practical and tactical workshop aimed at preventing concussions in sport.

Rules, training methods and behaviours are changing in Canada and internationally. This workshop is designed for initiate such changes within the Canadian sport system. Participants will be contributing to the system-wide shift towards changing rules and practices to prevent concussions.

Who should attend this workshop: 
Decision makers, technical directors, and/or sport concussion experts.

This workshop discusses system change around:

  • Rules and policies
  • Training practices
  • Behaviours and sport culture


Who: Decision makers, technical directors, and/or technical sport concussion expert
Date: Monday June 10, 2019, 8:30 - 5:00 pm
Where: Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, ON

To ensure your sport is represented in the conversation, contact us.