Use double quotes to find documents that include the exact phrase: "aerodynamic AND testing"

From one mom to another: I had always been involved in sport; multiple sports, multiple time a week. This is how I connect with people, stay healthy, this is where I get my energy. Until I had my first kid…I almost stopped everything. I remember feeling so guilty not using all my spare time to be with her. I also remember being tired, stressed and not myself. I then realized that playing sports had been my source of confidence, patience, and energy and that removing it would not make me a better mom. I now have 3 kids, I am a full time student and I have a full time job. I also go mountain biking with a club twice a week and go for runs 2-3 mornings a week. The impact on my girls? They want to move more and try every kind of sport…just like mommy. It also gives me the opportunity to show them how to break stereotypes (because yes, you can love unicorns and ride your bike in the mud), teach them about perseverance, how to win and how to lose. By giving myself a break and taking time for me, I have had much more of an impact than I could have imagined on them.

My message to you Super Moms is: Stop feeling Guilty! Show them what you got, get out of your comfort zone, because kids learn by observing you more than by listening to you. You are doing great, keep moving!