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Sport in Canada is facing a major reckoning with youth participation declining, thousands of national team athletes citing maltreatment, and sport governance confronting heavy public and media scrutiny. What will it take to reconstruct a sport system that fosters a positive, healthy, excellent experience for everyone involved in sport?

On June 21, tune in to Episode 16 of Royal Roads University’s Sport, Leadership and Social Change series. Join us for a dynamic panel discussion where experts in cultural reform, sport leadership, and human and social development deconstruct the current sport landscape and then map out a blueprint for sport in Canada. Jen Walinga invites Carla Edwards, Ann Peel, and Kim Shore to link arms and minds to describe the concrete steps Canada can take to refocus, repair, restructure, and rebuild sport in Canada.

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Join Centre for Sport Capacity member, Dr. Taylor McKee, and founding members of the the Brock Cricket team on June 6th, from 2:00 – 3:00pm EST, for the Cricket: The Power of Sport Webinar!

Our speakers are in the process of putting together Brock University’s first  cricket program. In addition, they have helped to organize and participated in a friendly Pakistan vs. India cricket match made up of international students at Brock. This facilitated discussion will touch on their stories and experiences as well as the powerful impact bringing cricket to the Brock University community has meant to them.

For a preview of this exciting discussion, check out this excellent article published in the Brock News about the event: Sport of cricket uniting Brock international students – The Brock News

Indigenous peoples have often not been included in sport. There is a parallel sport system that is Indigenous-led and is for Indigenous participants. Appreciating the Indigenous sport system and understanding how the two systems can work together will be the focus of this session. Register here.

Financial barriers are a challenge to sport participation. Sport can be expensive and it is beyond the registration fees. This session will share some of the education, understanding and empathy needed in making sport welcoming and accessible to low-income families.


Rebecca Foshole-Luke (she/her): Rebecca is a registered forensic social worker who is passionate about the intersection of social work and the law, and how to better serve Black, Indigenous, and racialized communities. She holds a B.A in Sociology and Women’s Studies, and a Bachelor of Social work degree. Her work is focused on dismantling the family regulation system or child welfare legal system. She is interested in exploring how human-centered and evidence-based approaches using an equity lens, can be used to transform the way programs and services are developed and delivered. She is passionate about using her lived experience, education, and skills to find ways to influence anti-racist and anti-oppressive organizational and policy changes. She hopes to continue to contribute to finding solutions that will allow individuals systematically excluded to truly thrive and have access to equitable resources and supports.

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2022 CSEP Career Expo – May 11th, 2022 from 11:00am to 6:00pm ET

New this year CSEP is offering the first CSEP Career Expo.  This is a good opportunity for potential employers to meet with CSEP Certified Personal Trainers, Clinical Exercise Physiologists.

Career Expo format:

  • Virtual Event with opportunity to book individual appointments
  • ​Employers can select their own availability throughout the day (no need to be online for the full event)
  • Attendees are able to submit resume to employer booths at any time
  • The ability to set up a custom booth and upload relevant documents
  • The option to use your own video conferencing platform

Registration Deadline:
Wednesday, May 4th, 2022

Registration Cost:
$50 + tax for Non CSEP Members
$30 + tax for CSEP Members

Booth space is limited, register early so you are not disappointed!

Korri Grant

Sport and competition have the ability to greatly influence a person’s wellbeing. Participation in sport is often associated with protecting and preventing mental health. But the pressures associated with competitive sport can have negative effects and have a significant influence on a person’s wellbeing. Athletes and coaches are experiencing depression, anxiety, eating disorders and burnout. Join Coach Mavis Dzaka, Dr. Heather Wheeler and Olympian Kate Van Buskirk as theyshare their insights into mental health in sport.

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This speaker series examines sport in the context of the climate emergency. It examines the politics of sport and the environment, meaning the decision-making of people, organizations, and governments, and the social dynamics that underlie these decisions. It considers environmental practices in sport, ranging from the everyday practices of individuals to the climate change mitigation practices of institutions. And it looks at preferred futures based on the idea that imagining climate alternatives is a step towards achieving them. This webinar will focus on discussing sports’ impact on the
environment and the environments growing impact on sport. Guest speaker, Liv
Yoon, will look to answer; how are sport/leisure, climate change, social
inequities, and health-related and how we understand these links in the context
of climate change as a threat multiplier?

Learn about what new innovations are coming to the sport industry and how sport organizations are investing in research and development to improve their market share as well as the consumer sport experience. This webinar is intended to generate a conversation about sport organizations and entrepreneurs harnessing creativity within their respective fields. Chris Charlebois is an informed Sports Management instructor who is looking to give attendees behind the scenes knowledge about innovation in sport. Our panel of speakers, ranging from analytical and private sector backgrounds, will inform listeners about case examples regarding processes within their organizations. If you are interested in learning about the inventive side of sports organizations, this webinar is sure to be engaging and instructive!

In honor of Women’s History Month and the Paralympic Games, join us for a panel discussion of inspiring leaders sharing their athlete &  coaching journeys and passion for creating a safer and more inclusive sport system.  The event takes place virtually March 23 from 2-3:30 PM (EST). 

Meet our distinguished host and panelists:  

Mike Frogley (Host) 

Mike is a summer Paralympic High-Performance Advisor at Own the Podium and former Canadian Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team Member and Head Coach.  

Stephanie Dixon 

Stephanie is a coach and Master’s student. She previously competed in three Paralympic Games, taking home seven gold medals and setting multiple world records. 

Colette Bourgonje 

Colette is a coach and former Winter and Summer Paralympian. She is a recipient of the Whang
Youn Dai Achievement Award and an inductee in Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. 

Jenny Davey 

Jenny is a Para sailing coach and the current Manager, Paralympic Pathways at the Canadian Paralympic. 

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These roundtable discussions are part of the 2022 Atlantic Speed and Power Summit.

Thursday April 7th join Kurt Downes, Alanna Boudreau, Steve Leblanc, Patrick Russell, and Wade Huber as they discuss their experiences and best practices with the jumps events. This roundtable discussion is FREE to all Athletics Canada members.

Wednesday April 13th join our weekend panelists Sharon Hannan, Angela White, Gary McGrath, Boo Schexnayder and Alfredo Villar Sbaffi on establishing an effective Integrated Support Team (IST)

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This webinar is FREE to all Athletics Canada members.
Non-members will be charged $10 at checkout.