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What is the Role of Education in Sport-Related Concussion Management & Prevention?

Concussion education is important for everyone involved in sport as everyone plays a role in improving concussion management and prevention. Join SIRC to review the importance of concussion education for all sport participants and learn 5 tips to improving future educational initiatives.




Fact or Myth? “Younger children take longer to recover from concussions, compared with older teens.”
Fact or myth? “Boys are at a higher risk of concussion, and concussion recovery takes longer in boys.”
Fact or Myth? “Following a concussion, youth may safely resume only once they are symptom-free.”

Peer-to-Peer Education Model in Sport and Special Olympics Collaboration

Nick Reed, PhD, MScOT, OT Reg. (Ont.), University of Toronto

Looking ahead: using data to inform practice
Concussions in High Performance Sport

Suzanne Leclerc MD, Ph.D. Dip. Med. Sport, Chief Medical Officer, Institut national du sport du Québec