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Moderate exercise everyday for 30 minutes will help create a stronger, healthier heart.

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Heart Health

In sport and exercise the most important muscle in the body is the Heart. When it comes to your heart, the studies agree, prevention is the best medicine! February is Heart Health Month, what a great time to focus on your heart's health, start working towards a happier, healthier you and prolong your sporting life. Being physically active is the best way to strengthen and maintain heart health along with a good diet, healthy weight maintenance, and reduced stress levels.

SIRC has compiled the following articles to help you learn more about how to get your heart healthy .

Feature Articles

What Is Heart Health?

Heart health is essential to the health of all other organs. Because your cardiovascular system, including the heart and blood vessels, is essential for maintaining your physical well-being, keeping your heart healthy is critical. Doing so requires getting adequate exercise and eating a healthy diet, among other things. It's also important to be aware of cardiovascular disease symptoms.

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Supplementary Article

Strength Training Benefits Heart Health

How to Have Good Heart Health

Step 1 in having a healthy heart is being physically active. Keeping your heart healthy and strong helps lower your risk of heart disease and heart attack. Even better news is that many of the things you can do to have good heart health will benefit you in other ways as well. For example, being physically active will also help to reduce excess weight which also contributes to having a stronger heart.

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Supplementary Article

Exercise During Pregnancy Improves Baby's Heart Health

Emergency Preparedness and Management of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in young athletes. The increasing presence of and timely access to automated external defibrillators (AEDs) at sporting events provides a means of early defibrillation and the potential for effective secondary prevention of sudden cardiac death.

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Supplementary Article

Grim Outlook on Ideal Heart Health

Get Nutty for Your Heart

Not only will nuts give you energy for your big race but they are also great for your heart! Pecans, pistachios and pine nuts all help keep the heart healthy and strong. Nuts are full of unsaturated fats that reduce LDL cholesterol while keeping HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) levels elevated. These good fats are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. The polyunsaturated fats found in nuts are particularly important to the body and the heart because they assist in cell membrane and hormone production. They help reduce inflammation, and that helps lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.

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Supplementary Article

Life Satisfaction May Improve Heart Health

News from SIRC

SIRC Research Award

The abstract submission deadline of February 17, 2012 is fast approaching.

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"Implementing Your Strategic Plan"
presented by Dina Bell-Laroche, Sport Law & Strategy Group
English: - February 28, 2012
French: - March 7, 2012

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Ask A SIRC Librarian

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Dear SIRC Librarian:

With the growing concern of sudden cardiac death in athletes, I’ve also been hearing about the term “athlete’s heart”. Is there a relationship between these two terms?



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