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Synthèses du SIRCuit

Initiation à l’autocompassion dans le sport

Self-compassion requires an awareness of personal suffering and a desire to help oneself through an emotionally difficult time. Based on the research, self-compassion has three main components: self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness.

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Délibération concernant les athlètes maîtres : L’heure est venue

Much of the previous research with Masters athletes has focused on the biophysical, physiological, and injury risk considerations associated with coaching older athletes. However, in the last decade, research has examined the psychosocial skills needed by coaches to establish quality interactions, social connections, trust and belief in collaboration, and a sense of partnership with this important group of athletes.

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Déficit énergétique relatif dans le sport : Ce que les entraîneurs doivent savoir

For athletes, under-fuelling can contribute to the development of relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S) and negatively affect performance. For example, associated iron deficiency or iron deficiency anemia can decrease athletes’ aerobic work capacity. Learn how to recognize the early warning signs of RED-S.

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Maximiser les espaces d’apprentissage social dans les organisations sportives : Une histoire de création de valeur

As the sport system continues to evolve, sport leaders are looking for new strategies to help navigate a wide range of complex challenges. Social learning spaces (SLSs) – which engage stakeholders in the process of change through collective and individual reflection to inform new or refined practices – might be the approach they’re looking for!

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Soutenir les rêves de monter sur le podium : Paralympiens recherchés et Camp des recrues RBC

The Tokyo Games provided a platform for Canadian athletes to shine. For many, their development path was not a straight line from playground to podium. Learn about RBC Training Ground and Paralympian Search – two programs designed to support athlete development in Canada and help build the pipeline of future podium hopefuls.

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