Use double quotes to find documents that include the exact phrase: "aerodynamic AND testing"

Growing up I played every sport I could get my hands and feet on. Sport is my outlet, my joy, my fun, my pathway to great friendships, and when I started having my family, I was determined to keep it in my life. Soccer was the sport I loved the most and was very accessible. Thursday nights were sacred….nothing was going to get in the way of my night with my soccer sisters. Soccer keeps me connected with my younger self and it allows me to forget about everything for a while and just run and kick my stress out.  I began refereeing when I was 36 years old, as I wanted the ability to stay in the game if my body wouldn’t allow me to play one day. Refereeing the game keeps me challenged and on the ball physically, mentally and emotionally. It gives me the opportunity to model what a mom of four can do, and to encourage the next generation of young women that moms have got game!!