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PISE – (Victoria, BC – Saturday, May 6) PISE (Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence) has announced that the The Condo Group is the new presenting sponsor of the SportStart Grant. The grant provides opportunities for children and youth who face social and economic barriers to attend PISE delivered camps and community programs.

At the PISE Family Sport and Recreation Festival today Chris Gill and Tony Zarsadias, owners of The Condo Group, presented a $10,000 cheque to Robert Bettauer, CEO of PISE and Stacey Lund, Business Development Manager of PISE.

“Organized sport plays a significant role in the lives of the members of our company. Sport is one of the best places we learned how to persevere, deal with disappointments, set and achieve goals, interact with others, deal with adversity, be social, be in the moment, make friends, and simply enjoy moving,” said Zarsadias. “Given how sport played such a significant role in our lives, it’s difficult to see so many people in our community that can’t afford to participate in sports. We’ve always wanted to help enrich the lives of families around us by creating better opportunities for people, especially children, so sponsoring the SportStart Grant is something we feel completely aligned with. We are grateful for the opportunity to give back to such a great program.”

The SportStart Grant fills a great need within the community. Each year, approximately 40 children receive funding from this grant to participate in PISE Summer Camps and programs. In addition, over 1,000 children are impacted annually by community outreach funded through the grant.

For further information on the grant, please visit www.piseworld.com


For more information contact:

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