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Coaching Association of Canada – The Coaching Association of Canada is pleased to launch its newest online training module, Coach Initiation in Sport, an online module to develop new or experienced coaches in the foundational skills in coaching, and the NCCP. To celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial birthday, Coach Initiation in Sport will be available for free for 150 days as a launch promotion starting today! As of August 3rd, 2017 the module will cost $15.

“We’re very excited to be launching this new resource that will prepare coaches for their coach education pathway in the NCCP,” said Coaching Association of Canada Chief Executive Officer Lorraine Lafrenière. “As education and technology continues to develop, it’s critical that the CAC continues to deliver coach education that is accessible, easy to use, and benefits Canada’s coaches at every age and stage.”

The Coach Initiation in Sport module introduces coaches to the NCCP, a valuable tool for preparation for a coach’s first in-person NCCP workshop. In approximately 1 hour the module covers coaching and NCCP introductions (or refreshers) including: long-term athlete development, ethics, coaching motivation, and athlete safety and wellness.

Coach Initiation in Sport is a valuable resource for:

  • Parents new to coaching
  • New coaches
  • Experienced coaches new to the NCCP
  • Athletes transitioning to coaching
  • Experienced NCCP coaches who need professional development, or a refresh on the fundamental principles of the NCCP
  • Sport administrators who work with the NCCP and coach development

The launch of the Coach Initiation in Sport module has been supported by Coaching Association of Canada’s partners, including Cross Country Canada, and Ringette Canada.

“Ringette Canada is excited to be part of this initiative. The Coach Initiation in Sport module introduce coaches to important information in an interactive and engaging way and allows the coach to complete it on their time, crucial for a busy coach,” said Nathalie Mueller, Technical Director, Ringette Canada. “We’ve already had a tremendously positive response from our coaches who have been involved in the early phases of development.”

“Providing the Coach Initiation in sport module will been a great way to encourage more ski enthusiasts to take up coaching. The module provides a foundation of coaching information, to which sport specific training can be added,” said Stéphane Barrette, Director of Coaching and Athlete Development at Cross Country Canada. “Providing economical, high-quality, elearning options is essential for having more coaches educated across the country, and Cross Country Ski de fond Canada is looking forward to developing more eLearning resources in partnership with the CAC in the years ahead.”

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Michel Hachey Manager, Communications | Gestionnaire, communications Coaching Association of Canada | Association canadienne des entraîneurs 613-235-5000 ext./poste 2382 | mhachey@coach.ca | www.coach.ca