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Football Canada – Shadowman continues as official tackling equipment provider of Football Canada for next three years

Ottawa (March 7, 2017) – Football Canada is proud to announce that it has extended its relationship with Shadowman Sports as its official tackling equipment provider for the next three years.

The new deal includes Shadowman tackling equipment for Football Canada and its provincial football associations to be used in conjunction with Safe Contact events. Shadowman is also working alongside Football Canada to build educational tools for coaches across the country.

“We’re excited to continue to develop our relationship with Shadowman Sports,” said Shannon Donovan, executive director, Football Canada. “A new series of educational videos for coaches is currently in production to showcase better tackling and blocking techniques in action using the Shadowman tackling system.”

Video: Best of Shadowman drills

Shadowman Sports manufactures and markets proprietary tackling equipment that significantly reduces player-on-player contact during football practice for all levels of organized play.  The tackling system is now in use by more than 75,000+ athletes and 1,600 football programs throughout the United States, including multiple NFL teams, 70 Division 1 collegiate teams and more than 1,000 high school and amateur programs.

“Our mission is to create a better practice environment for players and coaches,” said Steve Flanagan, president & COO of Shadowman Sports. “This partnership is the perfect fit for Football Canada’s effective advocacy to reduce contact on the practice field. By creating a mobile tackle target for players, we offer game speed, high-quality reps from which both players and coaches can benefit and get game ready! Players have to move their feet, sink their hips, calculate speed and angles, and target the ball carrier’s ‘strike zone’ – all the physical and mental demands of game day.”

An integral part of Football Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), Safe Contact teaches better tackling techniques that emphasize making contact with the chest and front shoulder and not the head. Safe Contact also emphasizes a blocking technique that stresses making primary contact with the hands, along with education and awareness. Through the partnership, Shadowman tackling aids will be used at Safe Contact events throughout Canada.

The three-part Shadowman system includes:

      1. an air-and-water filled humanoid, specifically designed and engineered to encourage form tackling through its low center of gravity, white strike zone, bent knee posture and three Target Points;
       2. an air-filled sled that allows the humanoid to be detached and tackled to the ground; and,
       3. a harness that allows game speed movement, as the coach or player controls Shadowman’s speed, change of acceleration and change of direction.

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About Shadowman

Shadowman Pro and Shadowman Jr. are the first moveable and detachable tackling systems that allow football teams at every level to reduce player-on-player contact during practice, enhance player longevity and increase game speed reps.  Shadowman was invented and introduced to the football market after three years of research and development by J.P. Hartigan, a 29-year-old former rugby player and product design and technology expert from Limerick, Ireland.  Shadowman is an air-filled humanoid, filled with water at the base to give the “body” an optimized low center of gravity for tackling and displacement when coupled in the ring sled.  Every last panel and contour is designed to give the tackler the best possible experience and feedback in the tackle.  From the bent knee posture indicating front and back position on the system, to the white optimal strike zone and the three target zones to guide players on head and shoulder placement, every part of Shadowman was designed with intent and care.  www.shadowmansports.com 

About Football Canada

Established in 1884, Football Canada is the national governing body of amateur football in Canada and a proud member of the International Federation of American Football (IFAF). Working closely with the provincial football associations, we develop programs and resources for players, coaches, officials in the three disciplines of Tackle, Flag and Touch Football. Football Canada’s vision statement is “from playground to stadium” where players can participate in the game of football throughout a lifetime recreationally, competitively and internationally. 

Patrick DeLottinville

Coordinator, Communications

Football Canada

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Steve Flanagan

Shadowman Sports

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