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Softball Canada – The following was submitted by Jeff Ellsworth, Head Coach of Softball Canada’s Junior Men’s National Team program.
I was exposed to the Ball Coach™ radar from Pocket Radar, Inc. for the first time in 2016. I have been coaching for 15 years and I have used all sorts of different devices like a police radar, hand held, and larger devices but nothing comes close to this Pocket Radar.  There are multiple Pocket Radar models, but the Ball Coach radar is the one designed specifically for capturing ball speeds.
What I really like about the Pocket Radar product is its size. It is very easy to hide the fact that you are obtaining information from pitching velocity or exit bat speed.  It is very accurate as well as having the ability to pick up the velocity from a long range. I remember lugging around a big plastic case with an oversized radar gun inside, pulling it out and setting it up on a tripod. What a pain that was! The Pocket Radar can fit in the pocket of your shorts or pants with ease.
In this day and age, numbers and statistics dominate the sport of softball and it is extremely important to have accurate readings. As a coaching staff, we continuously ask ourselves questions: What pitch velocity is a specific team hitting? What changeup speed is the other team having trouble squaring up? Can this athlete hit an 80mph drop ball on the inner half? The Pocket Radar exposes everyone to the real numbers, and it is a huge difference factor for our Team Canada Junior Men’s National Team program.
We are currently traveling across Canada preforming skill testing in every province.  During our testing, we use the Pocket Radar for velocity throws from the infield and the outfield, for our pitching test and our hitting exit speed test. We heavily rely on the Pocket Radar and the numbers it provides us to assist with the final selection of our team as we prepare to host the 2018 WBSC Junior Men’s World Softball Championship in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. The athletes love the feedback the Pocket Radar gives them because they use the numbers as motivation to improve their results by developing and increasing their softball skillset.
For any coach who wants to take their game to the next level, they need to have the the Ball Coach radar and to scout at the highest level for the most accurate readings, Pocket Radar is the way to go.
Jeff Ellsworth is a world-class Men’s Fast Pitch athlete who competed internationally for Team Canada from 2006 to 2015, including three World Championships and one Pan American Games. He joined the Canadian Junior Men’s National Team coaching staff as an assistant coach in 2016 and was named head coach later that year, leading the team to a World Championship bronze medal.


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