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Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba – Nadya Crossman-Serb has $769 remaining to meet her goal

For the last four months, it has looked unlikely that Manitoban paddler Nadya Crossman-Serb would be able to raise the $7,000 she needed to compete at Canoe Kayak Canada’s National Team Trials. As Nadya’s deadline approached, she had trouble finding sponsorships and donors to support her. 

After articles about Nadya were published in newspapers and shared throughout the community early last week, Nadya has nearly tripled her funding. In the last week, Nadya has seen almost $4,000 come in and has now achieved 89% of her goal. Nadya now needs only $769 to meet her goal.

Nadya’s MakeAChamp page is now filled with messages from Manitobans and members of the paddling community wishing her well, and it looks as though she is close enough to her financial goal that she will be able to compete internationally for Canada this summer. Nadya will be able to attend National Trials and pay the remainder of her fees incrementally if need be.

About Nadya

Winnipeg’s Nadya Crossman-Serb started on the high performance pathway two years ago, and her likelihood of qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is very high. Just 20 years old, Nadya has proved she can contend with the best senior athletes in the world. At her first ever Senior World Cup in 2016, she brought home a gold medal in the C2 event alongside partner Katie Vincent.

Early in 2017, Nadya was told she would have to fundraise $7,000 to pay back costs she incurred in training and international competition last year. She has been working to secure funding since January

About CSCM: 
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For more information, contact:
Jeff Powell
General Manager, Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba
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