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Canadian Lacrosse Association – OTTAWA, ON (January 17, 2017) – The ParticipACTION 150 Play List – the ultimate list of 150 physical activities that define us as Canadian – was reveled last week and the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) is pleased to announce that LACROSSE is one of the activities that made the cut!

The 150 Play List is a national program designed to encourage all Canadians to sit less and move more. Throughout 2017, every Canadian from coast to coast to coast will be challenged to complete as many physical activities on the list as possible and to track their efforts online for the chance to earn weekly and monthly prizes.

The list was created based on over 465,000 votes received from people across the country, along with expert input from members of an advisory committee, who helped ensure the list reflected the diversity of Canada.

“We are extremely excited that lacrosse made it onto the ParticipACTION 150 Play List,” said Terry Rowland, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Canadian Lacrosse Association. “It’s a great opportunity for our sport to gain some exposure and we look forward to getting the chance to introduce it to a new generation of Canadians, both young and old.”

Not only did lacrosse make the list, once the votes were tallied Canada’s national summer sport ended up ranked as the #1 activity in Alberta and the #2 activity in Quebec.

To see a breakdown of the top activities voted for in each province, consult the Global News article ‘The top ways Canadians stay fit by province, according to ParticipACTION‘.

“It’s encouraging to see that lacrosse was voted as one of the top activities in Quebec,” remarked Rowland. “It gives us a bit of momentum as we enter into the final planning stages for the 150th Anniversary Celebration of Lacrosse in Montreal this summer.”

The ParticipACTION 150 Play List Crew has 100 tour stops planned across Canada, making it easy for people to try new activities and check a few items off their list. Visit www.participaction.com/150 to search an interactive map to find tour stops and local community events near you.

In the coming months, the CLA will work with its Member Association and local clubs to organize events and programs that promote the ParticipACTION 150 Play List and encourage Canadians to give lacrosse a try.

In the meantime, let us know if you’ve checked lacrosse off your list by using the hashtag #150PlayList and tagging @LacrosseCanada on Twitter.

About the ParticipACTION 150 Play List

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, ParticipACTION created the ParticipACTION 150 Play List – the ultimate list of all the physical activities that make us Canadian. Throughout 2017 every Canadian, in all communities, schools and workplaces from coast to coast to coast, will be challenged to complete as many physical activities on the list as possible, track their efforts online and earn rewards along the way. The ParticipACTION 150 Play List is a collaborative effort supported by the Government of Canada, premier corporate partners Manulife, Chevrolet and Shaw, the Government of B.C., the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador and national media partner Corus. To register or find out more, including details on more than 100 local ParticipACTION Play List events throughout 2017, please visit www.participACTION.com/150.

About the Canadian Lacrosse Association           

Founded in 1867, the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) is the governing body responsible for all aspects of lacrosse in Canada. Our organization is comprised of 10 Member Associations representing nearly 80,000 individual participants, including coaches, officials, and athletes of all ages and abilities. The CLA’s mission is to honour the sport of lacrosse and its unique nation-building heritage, by engaging our members, leading our partners, and providing opportunities for all Canadians to participate. We strive to accomplish this while adhering to our core values of health, excellence, accountability, respect and teamwork. The CLA oversees the delivery of numerous national championships and the participation of Team Canada at all international events sanctioned by the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL). The CLA is proud to be affiliated with partners that share the same vision and values, including our corporate partners – New Balance Athletics, Warrior Sports, Westjet, and Baron Rings – as well as our funding partners the Government of Canada, the Coaching Association of Canada, and the Canadian Lacrosse Foundation. For more information on Canadian Lacrosse Association and the sport of lacrosse, visit our website at www.lacrosse.ca and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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For more information, please contact:

Alain Brouillette

Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Canadian Lacrosse Association
Phone: 613-260-2028 ext. 302
Email: alain@lacrosse.ca