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Fencing Canada – Canadian fencers travelled to the North American Cup (NAC) for Veteran and Senior Division 1, 1-A and 2 competitions staged in Richmond, Virginia this past weekend, with the event wrapping up Monday.

Canadians came away with a number of medals, top 8 and top 16 finishes.  Veteran fencer, Michael Buckley was Canada’s top performer with two medals – gold and bronze. Following is a summary of the top performers.  Congratulations to all!

Michael Buckley, Veteran Men’s Epee – Gold

Darcy Gates, Veteran 40+ Men’s Epee – Silver

Michael Buckley, Veteran 40+ Men’s Epee – Bronze

Julian Tang, Veteran 40+ Men’s Foil – Bronze

Julian Tang, Veteran Men’s Foil – 5th

Pierre Olivier Bontems, Div 1 – A Men’s Foil – 5th

Darcy Gates, Veteran Men’s Epee – 6th

Ida Choy, Veteran 40+ Women’s Foil – 6th

Ida Choy, Veteran Women’s Foil – 6th 

Katherine Porter, Div. 1-A Women’s Epee – 8th

Ida Choy, Veteran 40+ Women’s Epee – 9th

Evgeny Bozhenko, Veteran Men’s Foil – 9th

Evgeny Bozhenko, Veteran 50+ Men’s Foil – 10th

Marie-Rose Huellas-Briskiewicz, Div. 1-A Women’s Epee – 10th

Francois Ouimet, Div. 1-A Men’s Epee – 15th

Gaby Weisz, Veteran 70+ Men’s Foil – 15th