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Bowl Canada – Provincial Champions from across Canada are preparing for a trip to Southern Ontario as Guelph hosts the nation in the 47th ANNUAL edition of the YBC (Youth Bowl Canada) National Tenpin Championships in just over a week.  

The hidden jewel in Canadian youth sports, Youth Bowl Canada’s National Championship brings together top tenpin shooters from the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northern Ontario, Southern Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.   Altogether, 48 young provincial champions and 16 certified coaches will assemble for 3 days of exciting competition at  WOODLAWN BOWL

The prestigious event kicks off with Opening Ceremonies on Saturday morning, April 22nd immediately followed by a launch into 3 days of exciting competition.  Day 1 (Saturday) will see the young athletes compete in the Team event, followed by the Singles competition on Sunday and Monday (days 2 & 3).     Up for grabs are national titles along with the coveted YBC Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.  Additionally, scholarships are awarded annually to the Senior Boy and Girl who can claim the highest average over the course of the competition.

GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE medals will be awarded in the following divisions and age categories:

11 years of age and under                                       Bantam Boys Singles                                      Combo Boys Teams          

at August 1st, 2016                                                     Bantam Girls Singles                                      Combo Girls Teams

12 to 14 years of age                                                  Junior Boys Singles                                         (Combo Teams are made

at August 1st, 2016                                                     Junior Girls Singles                                          up of a Bantam, a Junior

15 to 21 years of age                                                  Senior Boys Singles                                        and a Senior bowler from

at August 1st, 2016                                                     Senior Girls Singles                                         the same province).


For further information visit us online at… www.youthbowl.ca/ybcnationals Information such as event agenda, match schedules, competitor lists, event history, etc. are now posted. 

The local Host Committee are hard at work preparing to welcome Canada to Guelph for a competition second to none.  Should further information about the YBC National Championships be required, or to find out how to get involved as a contributing sponsor of the event, please contact:

PAUL OLIVEIRA, Youth Bowl Canada  

Tel:  905-479-1560    Email:  paul@bowlcanada.ca


For information about WOODLAWN BOWL, please contact:

BOB McKAY,  Proprietor at Woodlawn Bowl & Host Coordinator for the Championship

el:  519-823-BOWL(2695)    woodlawn_bowl@yahoo.ca

Woodlawn Bowl 253 Woodlawn Road W.  Guelph, Ontario