The Car Ride Home

Active for Life has declared the first week of October “ Parents in Sport Week .” Parents play an undeniably important role in the lives of young athletes – providing opportunities for participation, serving as role models, and helping athletes make sense of their sport experiences. The ways that parents engage with their children during the car ride home after games and practices has the...Read more

#ThanksCoach – Celebrating National Coaches Week 2018

National Coaches week #ThanksCoach
September 22 - 30, 2018, marks the fourth annual National Coaches Week – an opportunity to celebrate the tremendous positive impact coaches have on athletes and communities across Canada. There are many reasons why people get involved in coaching sport: as parents, we want to spend time with our child in an active way; as individuals, we want to volunteer and get involved in our community; as...Read more

Happy birthday? How your birthdate contributes to success or failure due to the “relative age effect”

Have you ever stopped to wonder the difference a day can make? Say, being born December 31 st or January 1 st ? This small 24-hour window could be the difference between competing in elite vs. recreational sport, or being identified as “gifted”, or (mis)diagnosed with a learning disability in school. Many youth development systems (e.g., sport and education) rely on arbitrary cut-off dates to...Read more

Self-awareness – a key driver in developing well-rounded leaders

“First, know thyself.” -Socrates Self-awareness is the ability to recognize, understand and manage one’s feelings, thoughts and behaviours. To better manage the complexities of the current sport and social landscape, self-awareness is a foundational skill that is being increasingly recognized as an essential trait for all leaders. As renowned bestselling author Daniel Coleman of Emotional...Read more

Tips on how to deliver a quality youth sport program

Many individuals and organizations have devoted considerable time to identifying core ingredients to achieve desired outcomes from youth sport participation. For example, Eccles and Gootman (2002) have identified eight program setting features that have been proposed to foster positive development in youth programming, including providing an appropriate structure, opportunities for belonging,...Read more

Marginal Gains Reconsidered: How Sport Organizations Hold the Key to Boosting Sport Performance

The concept of marginal gains has caused many professional and amateur teams to chase every tiny gain available relating to nutrition, physiology, psychology, technology, and strength and conditioning. As a result, in the past decade sport has taken a huge step forward through innovation, much of it driven by partnerships with external experts with world-leading expertise in related areas that...Read more

Introduction to eSports

Whether or not you believe that eSports, or competitive video gaming, is a real sport or that gamers are athletes, its popularity and how it is being developed within the sport industry can not be ignored. For some amateur sport organizations, eSports may be seen as a competitor to traditional sports. However, it may also be an opportunity, particularly for multi-sport organizations like...Read more

Pushing for a multi-sport approach to kids’ sport and activity

We know that today’s kids face a myriad of obstacles to getting active and developing physical literacy. From obsession with smartphones and video games, to increasing confinement in urban spaces, kids today are facing challenges that most of their parents never had to confront. As a consequence, for better or for worse, organized sport and activity has become the main venue for many kids to...Read more

Creating a Safer Sport Environment with Ethics and Respect Training

This is the final blog of a 3-part series providing tools and resources to strengthen safety and ethical values in sport by introducing the Responsible Coaching Movement . If this is your first visit to this blog series, considering taking a few minutes to read the other two posts – links are provided below. The Responsible Coaching Movement (RCM) is coordinated by the Coaching Association of...Read more

Lessons from the Start Line – Applying Sport Experiences to a Future Career as a First Responder

I was born in 1995 which means I fall under the very prestigious title of a millennial. Not only are we known for the extensive technological integration into our lives, but also for our high unemployment rates and decreased job satisfaction. This pushes many to stay at home with their parents and continue post-secondary education to improve our job prospects. I definitely felt this pressure in...Read more