How data informs Volleyball Canada’s concussion strategy

It might be surprising to hear concussions are a serious risk in the sport of volleyball. But data collection from Volleyball Canada—dating back to 2016—has revealed exactly that. “Our research has shown that about 1 in 10 youth athletes in Canada will sustain a concussion while playing club volleyball each year.” said Kerry MacDonald, Director, Sports Science, Medicine & Innovation,...Read more

Including Children and Youth with Disabilities in the 24-Hour Movement Guidelines

Engaging in regular physical activity, getting enough sleep, and limiting time spent inactive are well known and evidence-based prescriptions for the promotion of overall health and well-being(Tremblay et al., 2016). In fact, the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth (ages 5-17) — which consolidate the evidence-based daily requirements for physical activity and inactivity,...Read more

Volunteer Recruitment at the 2020 Arctic Winter Games

This is the third blog of a series leading up to the 2020 Arctic Winter Games that will be hosted by Whitehorse, YT March 15-21, 2020. Check out the first blog , about the development of the Games; and the second about the incorporation of reconciliation in the Games . The Yukon might be large in size (the territory is approximately the same size as the country of Spain), but when it comes to...Read more

Concussion Prevention Through Innovation

It’s a potent mix: dangerous flips and twists performed by young, boundary-pushing athletes who revel in the sport’s free-spirited culture. More than most sports, concussions are a day-to-day, moment-to-moment risk for the freestyle skiing community. The five demanding disciplines – Aerials, Moguls, Halfpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air – put athletes in dangerous situations, hurtling down hair-...Read more

Changing the Sport Culture by Changing the Rules

High-level athletes compete to win. Sometimes, however, they make rash decisions in the heat of the moment that can have serious, long-term consequences. Take figure skating, for example. There have been instances in the past where athletes and coaches were suspected of downplaying concerns about head injury because interrupting a skater’s program would have resulted in a large point deduction...Read more

Parents and Teachers – Allies in Physical Literacy

With students settled into new classes with new teachers, many families find themselves considering how to best support student success across the school day. Physical literacy is becoming an integral facet of Physical and Health Education curricula across the country, and parents are likely to see this term more often on report cards, course outlines, newsletters, and assignment criteria. As...Read more

Integration in Sport: To Be or Not To Be

This summer, spectators around the globe witnessed the highs and lows of athletes during competition at the Pan and Parapan American Games. The Pan American Games took place from July 26 to August 11, and the ParaPan American Games from August 23 to September 1. Like the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Pan and Parapan American Games are hosted consecutively using a “distinct and separate” model...Read more

Are Your Files Safe? Reflections from Ringette Canada on a Ransomware Attack

I wear many hats as the head of a small, not-for-profit sport organization. Depending on the day, I can be expected to serve as problem-solver, counsellor, HR practitioner, lawyer, policy maker, spokesperson, or fundraiser. Reluctantly, I’ve added one more to the list: IT security specialist. Until recently, I hadn’t paid much attention to the growing threat from criminals prowling cyberspace...Read more

Leveraging Consistent, Reliable Information for Culture Change

The signs are out there. The culture is shifting. Approximately twenty years after introducing its first concussion prevention and awareness program, Hockey Canada says it’s a very different sport landscape now. Players, parents and coaches are becoming far more knowledgeable about concussions – from prevention through to recovery. “I’ve been at this since the late 90’s and there are different...Read more

Reconciliation as a Social Legacy of the 2020 Arctic Winter Games

This is the second blog in a series leading up to the 2020 Arctic Winter Games that will be hosted by Whitehorse, YT March 15-21, 2020. Check out the first blog , about the development of the Games. Watch for the next blog, focused on volunteer recruitment and retention, in October. The Yukon leads the way as the only jurisdiction in Canada with 11 self-governing First Nations, so it was...Read more