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Governance in all sectors, including for non-profits, is under intense scrutiny. While many boards have invested considerable time and resources improving policies and transparency, today’s operating environment has only become that much more fraught with angst, anger, and suspicion. A newly published survey of public trust in Canada reveals an “implosion” of credibility, with a majority of Canadians now voicing mistrust towards institutions and leaders. Since board directors and trustees are duty-bound as fiduciaries, this growing crisis of trust bespeaks a disconnection between due diligence as practiced by boards, and as perceived by their stakeholders.

We’ve had other such moments in history when governance designed for one era began to lose its salience and efficacy for changing times. What can we learn from the past to better prepare as directors and trustees for the fast-emerging future?

Scholars and practitioners globally are confronting the now-normal uncertainty and volatility of our politics and economy. Over the last few years, new governance principles for stability and inclusion have been emerging. How can boards appropriate this learning and best adapt to these new expectations? What reforms or innovations are needed to reinvigorate or revalidate fiduciary duty?

John Dalla Costa is a business ethicist, with over two-decades experience tracking the changing dynamics affecting organizational trust. A founding faculty member of the Director’s College, he has also been applying ethics frameworks to help boards assess and structure high-trust practices.

Sharing research and key lessons from his new book, John’s webinar will cover:

  • Five defining dilemmas directors and their boards face in 2017;
  • Forgotten lessons from the past that provide inspiration for the future;
  • An examination of leaders who are turning volatility and uncertainty into opportunities; and
  • Auditing and growing trust in 3D – among directors, within the organization, and with the public.

In addition to a Q&A, this webinar will include a one-page take-away of lessons and questions to share and discuss with fellow-directors.

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Webinar supported in part by SIRC, Canadian Paralympic Committee, Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport and Sport Canada