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Even well-governed organizations are continuously searching for new insights, procedures or best- practices to refresh or grow their governance capabilities. As was explained in the previous webinar, the social and competitive reality in which governance is now practiced has been changing quickly, resulting in far more complex operational expectations, at the same time that there is less trust in our institutions and leadership structures.

Futurists have started calling this new configuration of stresses and crises VUCA, in which volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity are the new norm.  Not surprisingly, new governance forms and approaches are being incubated across sectors globally to address these cyclonic changes. Pioneering studies and innovative practitioners are surfacing those qualities and characteristics that help boards better weather the often confounding new terms of performance and responsibility. The key for credibility, however, rests not only on new knowledge or techniques, but much more crucially on new board mindsets and culture.

In this webinar John Dalla Costa will introduce preliminary principles for change, which in fact resonate with many of the values latent in sport and team or community-building. John will also set out the skills and processes to renew the social license of organizations, including redefining and giving dimension to the new terms for trustworthy leadership and fiduciary duty.

Most boards understand that effective governance requires continuous learning. This webinar will also explore those habits or attitudes that need to be “unlearned” so as to create the conditions for transformation.  Specific details will be provided for developing and embedding new skills, both from the perspective of the board and its culture, and from that of individual directors.

The webinar will include:

  • Imagining overarching narratives for fusing excellence with hope – developed bottom-up within organizations, and laterally across organizations – to impact the aspirations and confidence of shared stakeholders, sponsors, and communities;
  • Self-auditing proficiencies for Foresight/Insight/Oversight – to recognize personal as well as board strengths, gaps, leverage points, and developmental needs;
  • Tools and techniques for “Governance R&D” – to practice and refine the experimentation or fast-change required for trustworthiness in situations of complexity and volatility.

The webinar will include a two-page take-away with several exercises to begin to apply the key lessons from the material to be covered.

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Webinar supported in part by SIRC, Canadian Paralympic Committee, Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport and Sport Canada