Use double quotes to find documents that include the exact phrase: "aerodynamic AND testing"

Snowmobiling and ice skating on ponds, lakes or rivers that are not adequately frozen can put individuals at risk. Checking ice thickness and colour before going on to it is key to preventing injuries. Keep in mind ice thickness can be impacted by many factors, including the time of year, the size of the body of water and undercurrents.

When an athlete experiences a concussion, it is common for teammates and coaches to provide well-intentioned forms of support that are met with resistance from the athlete. According to new research, an effective strategy to support a concussed athlete is to ask them what they need from you. Every athlete is unique: They may want different types of support from different people at different times in their recovery.

LGBTQ+ youth often feel unsafe in sport environments. Coaches and sport leaders seeking to be inclusive need to recognize that participation alone doesn’t mean inclusion. Engaging in education and self-reflection, partnering with advocacy groups, recruiting and supporting LGBTQ+ individuals in leadership roles and evaluating the inclusivity of organizational policies are all ways that sport leaders can make their sport environment more welcoming.

A positive coaching environment is especially important for women athletes with disabilities, who are more likely to experience discrimination, exclusion, or harassment than men in Para sport. Interviews with women Paralympic athletes emphasize the importance of having women as coaches and role models and reinforce the need for athlete-centred coaching practices.