The Sport Information Resource Centre
The Sport Information Resource Centre

#1) Coaching the Multisport Athlete

Wednesday September 23rd, 12:15 p.m. -1:15 p.m. MDT

This series is a joint collaboration of Sport North and SIRC.

About the webinar

Effective multisport participation requires cooperation among athletes, coaches, parents, and sport administrators to ensure that the benefits of a strong athletic foundation are realized. Challenges such as adequate rest and recovery, avoiding injury and burnout, and determining if and when to prioritize a single sport become important considerations as an athlete moves through Train to Train and into later stages of long-term development in sport. This webinar will equip you with the key tools for coaching the multi-sport athlete.

This webinar is for coaches in the Northwest Territories. It is offered to you free of charge courtesy of Sport North and SIRC, Canada’s leading Sport Information Resource Centre.

About the speakers

André Lachance, Business, Sport Development and Women’s National Team Director at
Baseball Canada

André Lachance is the current Director of Business and Sport Development with Baseball Canada. He has also served as the Women’s National Team Head Coach for 15 years bringing the team to the 2nd place in the WBSC World Ranking. In 2019, he became the French National Team Head Coach guiding them to a first ever European Title and a qualification for the World Cup. He also teaches advanced coaching courses at the University of Ottawa. Over the years, André has worked with several international and national organizations on the subject of Athlete Development and Competition Review and Restructuring. He has presented or worked to/with Iceland OC, Denmark OC, Bermuda OC, USA OC, Sweden, NHL, MLB, Baseball Hall of Fame and countless provincial and national sports organizations. He is based in Gatineau, Québec, Canada.

Heather Ross McManus, Long-term Development Advisor, Sport for Life Society

As a Long-term Development Advisor, Heather has worked on Sport for Life projects related to meaningful competition, physical literacy in aerial environments, high performance planning, athlete development matrices, and activation planning. Heather is a Coach and a Master Coach Developer for both Gymnastics and Freestyle Skiing, and has supported numerous sport organizations on athlete, coach, and sport development initiatives Influenced by teacher training and her experience as an outdoor educator (B.Ed/B.Sc), Heather is passionate about leadership, quality learning environments, and personal development as they relate to excellence and wellness in both sport and life. Heather is also an Olympian (2004) and represented Canada for 15 years on the Canadian women’s trampoline team.

Thorsten Gohl, Table Tennis Coach for Team NT, Headshot

Thorsten Gohl, Table Tennis Coach for Team NT

Being born in Germany and travelling around the world, Thorsten settled in Canada 12 years ago and calls the North his home for the last 5 years.

He thought it would be great to start a Territorial Sport Organization for Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories and so he did. After 3 Arctic Winter Games, 2 Canada Games, 1 Western Canada Games and many National Championships, he continues his involvement and support in the communities, while also taking on responsibilities on the Board of Directors for the National Sport Organization of Table Tennis Canada now. In 2018, he was the Marketing Manager for the South Slave Arctic Winter Games in Hay River and Fort Smith and currently he is the Physical Literacy Coordinator for the NWT.

His passion and profession is photography, while sports and recreation are part of his being! This is a great combination that connects his passion and experience to create beautiful and exciting visual stories of the North. He dedicates himself to being an example and a constant resource. He believes in order to help makes a difference, it is necessary to respect, to learn and to connect with the communities and culture. Working and playing together with the communities, he encourages inclusivity, confidence and reaching for our dreams while being active for life.