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Attendees at the Sport Canada Research Initiative Conference


Researchers who have grants under the Sport Participation Research Initiative are expected to submit a paper every year, regardless of if you plan to present at the SCRI conference. Please submit an up-to-date abstract for projects that are still in progress, and a Knowledge Transfer paper for completed projects. 

Please choose 5 tags that are relevant to your paper from the list below and include them with your submission.

2022 Submission Deadlines

Abstracts (research in progress) September 7, 2022
Knowledge Transfer Papers (completed projects) September 7, 2022

Please use the template found in the guidelines that are posted below.

Submit your paper to


Plenary Presenter Poster Presenter
As a plenary presenter you must submit a Knowledge Transfer Paper As a presenter you must submit an abstract, your poster or PPT slides, and a lightning round video in advance of the conference
KT Paper Guidelines Abstract Guidelines
PPT slides submitted by September 30, 2022. 

More information on the lightning round video submission and PPT slide requirements: Poster Guidelines 2022


To optimize the Zoom output on your virtual presentation please review these suggested PPT guidelines: Zoom Slideshow Guidelines