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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I provide my members with access to the SIRC Resource Subscription?
Your members will receive access to their SIRC Resource Subscription directly from the member’s area on your website.  SIRC will provide you with a unique link to be placed behind your member’s secured area which will automatically log them into SIRC and take them directly to the “Dashboard”. Please contact SIRC, if you have any questions.

My Board members would like access to SIRC, is this possible?
Yes, a SIRC Resource Subscription is intended for those with a direct relationship to the subscriber.  This includes employees, board members, coaches, members, and students of the Subscriber. Subscribe Now to start sharing the resources.

Can I share the articles I find on SIRC with my coaches?
Absolutely, we encourage you to share the information you find.  SIRC respects the Copyright Act and we would ask that you please see our Terms and Conditions for more information prior to sharing.

What is an account administrator?
The SIRC Subscription account administrator is the main contact for the organization’s subscription.  They will have a separate login from their organization’s members.  For those with a SIRC Premier Subscription, it is only the account administrator’s account that is able to post jobs.   

Who can post a job using our Subscription?
Sport job postings are to be for the organization holding the SIRC Premier Subscription only and do not include postings for or on behalf of their members or member organizations. 

Do I have to pay for two job postings, if I wanted it posted in both English and French?
Bilingual job postings count as one job posting.  Once you have completed the form to submit the job in your first language and completed the payment process, you will be given the option to enter the second language. (see image)

Can I edit my job posting?
As a benefit of a SIRC Premier Subscription, the account administrator can edit their postings at any time by logging into their account and click “my job postings” in the subscriber menu. Non-subscribers must contact SIRC to have any changes made to their posting (fees may apply).

I am looking for volunteers; can I still post this on the job board?
Of course, the SIRC job board is intended for all your recruitment needs.  Including but not limited to full-time and part-time employees,internships, volunteers, Board members, student positions, and contractors.

I have the same job available in multiple locations do I need to make multiple postings?
We encourage you to submit these as one job posting.  When you are filling out the form simply put the location as “Various Locations” and then within your posting list all the locations.

I just submitted a job, when will the job posting appear on the website?
All postings require approval by SIRC before they are available on the website, and will appear on the SIRC website the next business day.

The application deadline date for my job posting has come, how do I remove my job from the SIRC website?
All postings are automatically removed from the SIRC website at 11:59pm (EST) on the application deadline date.

Sounds great! How do we get a SIRC Subscription?
It is as simple as filling out the online form. Once submitted, your account administrator will have instant access to SIRC. 


Fine Print

  • SIRC reserves the right to update, modify and/or change available resources at its discretion.
  • SIRC provides resources in the language of the source document.
  • SIRC reserves the right to modify and/or cancel the service at its discretion.
  • SIRC Resource Subscription is provided to the subscribing individual or organization and its direct individual staff, Board and members. Subscriptions are non-transferable.
  • Access to SportDiscus™ database is limited to Canadian individuals and organizations involved in the development of sport in Canada.
  • Important: Please see Terms and Conditions regarding use of resources and respect of Copyright.
  • Sport job postings are to be for the organization holding the SIRC Premier Subscription and do not include postings for or on behalf of their members or member organizations.
  • The SIRC Subscription is intended for not-for-profit organizations.  Those using this service for-profit may be subject to additional cost.
  • Jobs posted on the SIRC Career page are intended to be sport and fitness related. 
  • SIRC distributes the job announcements however is not responsible for the content, accuracy or quality of each posting or posting organization.  The content is the responsibility of the employer or posting organization.
  • Posting organization agree to post only positions that meet the employment standards, rules and regulations as governed by their province/jurisdiction and/or the Government of Canada  (including but not limited to internships, volunteers, Board members, full-time and part-time employees, contractors, accessibility standards, human rights, etc.)
  • SIRC reserves the right to accept, refuse or remove the posting of any job on its career page and service.  
  • SIRC reserves the right to modify and/or cancel the service at its discretion.
  • SIRC recognizes the importance of building and recruiting strong teams at all levels of sport from national organizations to local clubs, if pricing is a challenge please contact SIRC.


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