2017 SCRI Conference

Conference Resources 

Research Presentations

Laura Misener, Western University

Leveraging Parasport Events for Sustainable Community Participation


Nancy Spencer-Cavaliere, University of Alberta

Inclusion in the Field(s) of Dreams?


Hope Bilinski, University of Saskatchewan

Rural children and their communities leading the way toward the enhancement of sports and recreation


Jess Dixon, University of Windsor

Exploring Developmental Factors for Overcoming Relative Age Effects in Ice Hockey


Guylaine Demers, Laval University

Sports Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Athletes


Jay Johnson, University of Manitoba

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Changing? The Culture of Sport Hazing in the 21st Century


Catherine Sabiston, University of Toronto

Body-related emotional experiences in sport among adolescent girls: Participation outcomes over time


2017 Poster Presentations


Erika Angle
Theresa Beesley
Mathieu Bélanger
Alex Benson
John Cairney
Martin Camiré
Ryan Clutterbuck
Diane Culver
Lauren Dickler
Alison Doherty
Tiago Duarte
Jessica Fraser-Thomas
Nicholas Holt
Paul Jurbala
Shannon Kerwin
Nickolas Kosmenko
Kent Kowalski
Sarah Lawrason
Tara-Leigh McHugh
Katie Misener
Ornella Nzindukiyimana
Swarali Patil
Cassidy Preston
Kyle Rich
Ryan Snelgrove
Ben Sylvester
Courtney Szto
Marijke Taks
Liz Wigle
Lauren Wolman




Sport & Policy Panels

Knowledge Transfer Presentations 

CPC Pathway Research Strategy 

Jenny Davey, Manager - Systems Development & Education, CPC; and Jenn Bruce, Senior Coordinator - Systems Development & Education, CPC

In this session, CPC staff will share the path from refining an overall sport strategy, to recognizing the importance of embedding research in strategic development and sustainability, to finally engaging with a research team that will grow with us as our needs evolve and progress. We will share an example of an early success story: through work with research partners at the Canadian Disability Participation Project (CDPP), we were able to revise criteria to a key funding initiative – the Canadian Tire Parasport Jumpstart Fund – and ensure that more funds will be better spent to get kids with disabilities involved in sport.

Concussions… Together we can make a difference

Debra Gassewitz, CEO, SIRC; and Dr. Ann Pegararo, Director & Associate Professor, Institute for Sport Marketing, Laurentian University

Presents a case study of how stakeholder collaborations can maximize engagement. The case is based off of a collaboration between the Sport Information Resource Centre and Dr. Ann Pegararo from Laurentian University exploring an analysis of social media communications around important announcements in the conversation around concussion in sport.

Sport Participation Research Initiative: 10 years in review

Katherine Tinkler, Senior Advisor, Policy and Planning – Insight, Sport Canada

The purpose of this presentation by Sport Canada was to provide an overview of the retrospective analysis of the first 10 years of the program encouraging sport participation research in Canada.