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Canadian Sport Institute Calgary – What Could Be Next

Says Jesse Lumsden, former CFL star and 3-time Olympian in bobsleigh: “When you realize that you’re 23, 25, 30… you still hopefully have sixty years left of your life… that’s a lot of space to fill and a lot of life to live. So, it’s not the end of the world, there’s a lot of other things out there and you just gotta start figuring out what’s the best way to take advantage of that.”
Says Recently Retired Athlete: “Wait, what? Am I supposed to be psyched about facing down the next sixty years of my life with absolutely no idea what I want to do or how anyone will ever give me a job when all I’ve ever done with my life is (choose one): skate in circles, push a big sled, lift and lower some weights, ski downhill really, really fast, kick a ball into a net…? It IS the end of the world!!”
Ah yes, the bridge that all athletes must cross one day. From HERE, where it is safe and comfortable, where people take care of me and I’m like the best in the world at something reallyimportant, to THERE, where I am unsure and scared, where I feel alone and like I’m not good at anything. 

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Written by Kristina Groves: @kngrover
Photo by: Dave Holland @csicalgaryphoto