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Diving Canada – Victoria, December 11th 2018 – The 2018 Diving Winter Senior Nationals, to be held from December 14thto 16thin Victoria, BC, will field the top divers in the country. It launches the 2019 competitive season for the members of Canada’s national diving team who have set their sights on the FINA World Championships, to be held this summer in Gwangju, South Korea.  
The competition, hosted by Boardworks Diving Club and sanctioned by Diving Plongeon Canada and Dive BC, will feature 40 athletes from around the country at Victoria’s Saanich Commonwealth Place. The event will feature the individual events as well as the 3m and 10m synchro. 
Two finals will take place each day and the public ca attend the event for free.
The 3m and 10m synchro finals for both men and women will take place on Friday December 14thstarting at 4 p.m. (local time). Saturday, the women’s 3m individual and men’s 10m preliminaries are set to begin at 10 a.m. The finals for these events will start at 2 p.m. Sunday, the men’s 3m and women’s 10m preliminaries will begin at 10 a.m. and finals will start at 2 p.m.
Olympic medalists Jennifer Abel and Meaghan Benfeito will be ones to watch on the women’s side, as well as Olympians François Imbeau-Dulac, Philippe Gagné and Vincent Riendeau on the men’s side.
“I am really happy to kick off the season with Nationals in Victoria. I haven’t competed in six months so I am very excited”, declared Jennifer Abel, eight-time World Championships medalist. “The goal is to break the ice and to make all the small technical changes I’ve been working on since September in a competitive environment. This year is a very important year with the World Aquatics Championships also serving as the country qualifiers for the Olympic Games.”
Meaghan Benfeito shares in her teammate’s enthusiasm: “I am super excited to get going. Training has been going well and this is a great opportunity to see where I’m at with my corrections”, explained the 3-time Olympic medalist. “I’ve made many changes since the beginning of the year so I am excited to put it all together in competition.”
The divers will take part in the first competition of a season that will also see them compete in Grand Prix and World Series events from February to June. These diving circuits will make stops in Calgary from April 4-7 (Canada Cup) and in Montreal from April 26-28 (Diving World Series #3). Next up will be the FINA World Championships from July 12-20and the PanAm Games from July 26-August 11 in Lima, Peru. 
The 2018 Diving Senior Winter Nationals will be webcast on CBC Sports.
Competition schedule:
Friday December 14th
4 pm: Men + Women 3mS
5:10 pm: Men + Women 10mS
Saturday December 15th
10 am: Women 3m Prelim
11:55 am: Men 10m Prelim
2 pm: Women 3m Final
3:35pm: Men 10m Final
Sunday December 16
10 am: Men 3m Prelim
12 pm: Women 10m Prelim
2 pm: Men 3m Final
3:50 pm: Women 10m Final
Here is the complete list of athletes taking part in the 2018 Senior Winter Nationals along with their affiliated Club and coach:

Marie-Laurence Forest 3M ARO Olivier Duchesneau Montreal, QC
Coral Strungnell 3M BOARDWORKS Tommy McLeod Victoria, C.-B.
Celina Toth 10M BOARDWORKS Tommy McLeod St-Thomas, ON
Tanesha Lucoe 10M BOARDWORKS Tommy McLeod Victoria, C.-B.
Eloise Bélanger 3M, 10M CAMO Stéphane Lapointe Montréal, QC
Olivia Chamandy 3M, 3MS CAMO Stéphane Lapointe Montréal, QC
Melissa Citrini-Beaulieu 3MS CAMO Cesar Henderson St-Constant, QC
Simone Leathead 3M CAMO Stéphane Lapointe Montréal, QC
Mélodie Leclerc 3M, 10M CAMO Stéphane Lapointe Montréal, QC
Pamela Ware 3M CAMO Stéphane Lapointe Ville Lemoyne, QC
Mia Vallée 3M, 3ms CAMO Stéphane Lapointe Beaconsfield, QC
Jennifer Abel 3M, 3MS POINTE-CLAIRE Yihua Li Laval, AC
Meaghan Benfeito 10M, 10MS POINTE-CLAIRE Yihua Li Montréal, AC
Caeli Mckay 10M, 10MS POINTE-CLAIRE Yihua Li Calgary, AB
Margo Erlam 3M, 3MS, 10M SASKATOON Mary Carroll Calgary, AB
Quinn Gariepy 3M 3MS SASKATOON Mary Carroll Saskatoon, SK
Elaena Dick 10M TDA Gilles Emptoz-Lacote Edmonton, AB
Aimee Wilson 3M TDA Gilles Emptoz-Lacote Calgary, AB


Cédric Fofana 3M,  ARO Stéphane Lapointe Québec, Qc
Aiden Faminoff 3M, 10M BOARDWORKS Lisa Boog Victoria, C.-B.
Ryan Grover 3M BOARDWORKS Tommy McLeod Barrie, ON
Bryden Hattie 10M, 10MS BOARDWORKS Tommy McLeod Victoria, C.-B.
Vincent Chartier 10M CAMO Stéphane Lapointe Terrebonne, QC
Alexandre Corriveau 10M CAMO Cesar Henderson Terrebonne, QC
Philippe Gagné 3M, 3MS CAMO Cesar Henderson Ville Mt-Royal,QC
Frédéric Gosselin 3M CAMO Stéphane Lapointe Montreal, QC
Christophe Gosselin 3M CAMO Isabelle Cloutier Montreal, QC
Laurent Gosselin-Paradis 10M, 10MS CAMO Aaron Dziver Montreal, QC
François Imbeau-Dulac 3M, 3MS CAMO Aaron Dziver Terrebonne, QC
Peter Thach Mai 3M CAMO Cesar Henderson Montreal, QC
Ethan Pitman 10M, 10MS CAMO Cesar Henderson Edmonton, AB
Joshua Inglis 3M FOREST CITY Lioudmila Zakharenko London, ON
Henry McKay 3M, 3MS NEPEAN-OTTAWA Gilles Emptoz-Lacote Ottawa, ON
Victor Povzner 3M, 3MS OPTIMAL Alexander Povzner Vaughan, ON
Nathan Zsombor-Murray 10M, 10MS POINTE-CLAIRE Yihua Li Pointe-Claire, QC
Thomas Ciprick 3M POINTE-CLAIRE Yihua Li Baie d’Urfe, QC
Vincent Riendeau 10M, 10MS POINTE-CLAIRE Yihua Li Pointe-Claire, QC
Rylan Wiens 10M, 10MS SASKATOON Mary Carroll Saskatoon, SK
Jamie Spilchak 10M SASKATOON Mary Carroll Saskatoon, SK
Dylan Ewing 10M TDA Gilles Emptoz-Lacote Toronto, ON


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