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Triathlon Québec – Montreal, June 14, 2016 – After a hugely successful 2015 edition, philanthropic campaign Le TRI, un DÉFI pour la VIE (Triathlon, A Challenge for Life) is now coming back for its third year. To kick off the major fundraising campaign, Triathlon Québec president Benoît-Hugo St-Pierre has challenged Christian Triquet, president of the philanthropy committee, to join him in doing one triathlon a day, for a period of eleven days.

Last year, St-Pierre did ten triathlons in ten days. This year, over 1200 kilometers await the two men. The first competition will take place in Gaspé, on June 16, and the last one will be the Ironman 51.50 and 70.3 in Mont-Tremblant, on the weekend of June 25 and 26.

“My partner is a former professional triathlete, and I have two perfectly healthy eight-year-old twins,” said St-Pierre, who will be running, cycling and swimming all over Quebec. “Sports and physical activity are a way of life for us. I want to make triathlon accessible as the best way to get young Quebec families moving. That is why I decided to rise to this challenge this year, and to bring Christian with me. This adventure will help us raise awareness about the multiple possibilities and benefits that our sport brings young Quebecers seeking an active, healthy lifestyle.”

The objective of this third fundraising campaign is to collect $115,000, both during the 11-day and also at numerous events organized by the federation throughout the year and the summer season. We would also like to announce a $30,000 donation from the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation, which will make it possible to buy supplies for underprivileged children in the Triathlon scolaire

This is an invitation from Triathlon Québec for all clubs to get swimming, cycling and running to raise funds in order to promote triathlon among young people across Quebec. Christian and Benoît-Hugo will be visiting local clubs to speak about how contributing to the federation’s philanthropy program can make a difference in promoting triathlon in schools and among youth.

Sport Québec’s Placements Sports program will be increasing every donation of $25 or more by 240%. This means that a $25 donation will become $85, a $100 donation will become $340, and so on. Last year, Triathlon Québec raised over $70,000. 

To donate online or to learn more about Triathlon Québec’s fundraising campaign and Le TRI, un DÉFI pour la VIE, visit

“As proponents of this challenge, we dream of the day more Quebecers will know the unique, exhilarating feeling of crossing a triathlon finish line!”

Thank you so much for your generous collaboration. We look forward to seeing you out there!

Benoît-Hugo and Christian

Le TRI, un DÉFI pour la VIE on the Road – June 16 to 26, 2016

Follow the two triathletes in real time on Triathlon Québec’s Facebook page and Twitter (@triathlonquebec).

Le TRI, un DÉFI pour la VIE – 2016 Edition

Itinerary from Gaspé to Tremblant

A  Gaspé, QC
B  Petite-Vallée, QC
C  Cap-Chat, QC
D  Mont-Joli, QC
E  Rivière-du-Loup, QC
F  Quebec City, QC
G  Victoriaville, QC
H  Drummondville, QC
I   Montreal, QC
J   Mont-Tremblant, QC


Gaspé – June 16
Petite-Vallée – June 16-17
Cap-Chat – June 17-18
Mont-Joli – June 18-19
Rivière-du-Loup – June 19-20
Quebec City – June 20-21
Victoriaville – June 21-22
Drummondville – June 22-23
Montreal – June 23
Mont-Tremblant – June 24–26

Le TRI, un DÉFI pour la VIE – 2016 Edition

Benoit-Hugo St-Pierre and Christian Triquet’s bicycle itinerary for raising awareness among active triathletes
about triathlons for school-aged kids and the promotion of triathlon among youth.




Source: Isabelle Creusot
Coordinator, Outreach and Development
Triathlon Québec
Cell: (819) 342-5815
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