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Canadian Interuniversity Sport  – TORONTO (CIS) – The Windsor Lancers took home the men’s national banner, while the U of T Varsity Blues won the women’s banner as the 2016 CIS Championships came to close on Saturday (Mar. 12) at York University. 



The 600m finals kicked off day three on the track with a bang as Calgary’s Jenna Westaway won the gold medal in the women’s event in a time of 1:29.61. One of the top runners in the CIS, Westaway continued her outstanding Championship meet for the Dino’s with the win and was happy with her race and content with how her Championships have played out.  

“It was great, it was a nice smooth race. We took it out fast and everything just kind of fell together so I was really happy with it,” said Westaway. “The week’s been good, it’s had it’s ups and downs but overall a very solid week and I feel very happy and healthy and really happy to be here.” 

Grace Annear of the University of New Brunswick picked up the silver medal while Rachel Jewett of U of T raced to the bronze for her second medal of the Championships. The men were up next and in an exciting race Corey Bellemore of Windsor caught Sacha Smart of U of T on the last lap to take home the gold medal. Bellemore fnished in a winning time of 1:18.77, followed by Smart in second and Tommy Land of Guelph in third.  

In women’s triple jump action, Julia Stille of the U of T Varsity Blues won the event with a leap of 12.72m. She was followed by Sandra Latrace of Lethbridge in second and Frederick Djossou- Lorng in third.  The men’s triple jump saw Patrick Hanna of Montreal bring home the gold medal, with Aaron Hernandez of Lethbridge in second, and Jordan Bruce of Dalhousie in third.  

One of most anticipated events of the day saw David McKay of the hometown York Lions pick up his incredible fourth consecutive CIS Gold Medal in the men’s pole vault. The fifth-year senior was grateful to end his university on a high note on his home turf.  

“It was a tougher competition than any year previous,” said McKay. “There were a couple guys really pushing me so it was nerve wracking but I’m just happy to come away with the win.” A pair of University of Alberta Golden Bears picked up the silver and bronze medals, as Spencer Allen came in second and Nathan Filipek came in third.  

In the women’s high jump, Emma Nuttall of Trinity Western won gold followed by Danielle Delage of Toronto, and Maja Naruszewicz of Guelph.  

The men’s shot put saw CIS Field Athlete of the Year Peter Millman of Lethbridge take home the gold medal, followed by Eli Pawliw of Windsor  and Marc-Antoine Larenaye-Dugas in third.  

Gabriela Stafford continued her dominant Championships meet as the won the gold the women’s 1500m. The all-star Varsity Blue topped Katelyn Ayers of Guelph and Regan Yee of Trinity Western who came second and third respectively.  

Antoine Thibeault of the Laval Rouge et Or picked up his second gold medal of the meet in the men’s 1500m as he finished just over a second ahead of Cole Peterson of Victoria and Taylor McArthur of Windsor.  

In relay action, the women of the University of Alberta took home the gold in the 4x200m relay in the always exciting race. They were followed by the University of Western Ontario and the University of Guelph in the bronze medal position. In the men’s 4x200m the Saskatchewan Huskies won the event, after first being disqualified and then reinstated as gold medalists after an officials review. Manitoba followed in second while the home York Lions finished in third. 

And in the final events of the day, the 4x400m relays, the University of Sherbrooke took home the gold for the women, while U of T came in second and Alberta picked up the bronze, In the men’s event, the Saskatchewan Huskies took the gold, followed by Toronto with silver and McGill with the bronze  



Outstanding athlete of the meet: Gabriela Stafford, Toronto 

TIMEX coach of the year (Sue Wise Award): Carl Georgevski, Toronto 


Outstanding athlete of the meet (George Gemer Award): Corey Bellemore, Windsor 

TIMEX coach of the year (Bob Boucher Award): Brett Lumley, Windsor 



1) Toronto, 99 points        

2) Guelph,85    

3) Western, 75.50      

4) Alberta, 55    

5) York, 48         

6) Sherbrooke, 40    

7) Saskatchewan, 37         

8) Trinity Western, 35.50 

9) Calgary, 34        

10) Windsor, 32    

11) Dalhousie, 20        

12) Lethbridge, 18    

13) McGill, 13        

14) Laval, 12    

14) Manitoba,12        

16) Waterloo, 11    

17) Ottawa, 10        

17) Victoria, 10    

19) New Brunswick, 8       

20) Regina, 5    

21) ST FX, 3   


1) Windsor, 93         

2) Guelph, 79.50 

3) Toronto, 56        

4) York, 55    

5) Laval, 53         

6) Saskatchewan, 51    

7) Western, 46         

8) Dalhousie, 28    

9) Regina, 26        

10) Lethbridge, 23    

11) Alberta, 22        

12) Manitoba, 21    

13) Victoria, 20        

14) Sherbrooke, 18    

14) Montréal, 18        

16) Trinity Western, 17    

17) McGill, 8        

18) Ottawa, 5.50 

19) Calgary, 4        

19) Waterloo, 4    

21) Laurier, 3        

21) McMaster, 3    


Triple Jump (W)  

1. Julia Stille, Toronto, 12.72 

2. Sandra Latrace, Lethbridge, 12.04 

3. Frederique Djoussou-Lorng, 12.03 

Pole Vault (M) 

1. David McKay, York, 5.02 

2. Spencer Allen, Alberta, 4.92 

3. Nathan Filipek, Alberta, 4.82 

600m (W) 

1. Jenna Westaway, Calgary, 1:29.61 

2. Grace Annear, New Brunswick, 1:29.96 

3. Rachel Jewett, Toronto, 1:30.12 

600m (M) 

1. Corey Bellemore, Windsor, 1:18.77 

2. Sacha Smart, Toronto, 1:19.11 

3. Tommy Land, Guelph, 1:19.17 

4X200m (W) 

1. Alberta, 1:37.39 

(Leah Walkeden, Rachel Rosin, Cassandra Grenke, Rachael Muma) 

2. Western, 1:37.92 

(Joy Spear Chief-Morris, Lauren Clancy, Carolin Stricelj, Rachael Muma) 

3. Guelph, 1:39.11 

(Katie Sieling, Hailey Hitchings, Tiana Sinnatamby, Nicole Smith) 

4X200m (M) 

1. Saskatchewan, 1:27.89 

(Graham Black, Jared Olson, Adam Paslawski, Garett Peters) 

2. Manitoba, 1:28.85 

(Syed Aoun, Wilfred Samking, Dylan Ostberg, Matthew Fitkowsky) 

3. York, 1:29.00 

(Bismark Boateng, Dereck Djan, Jalen Pidlubny, Daniele Orsini) 

High Jump (W) 

Emma Nuttall, Trinity Western, 1.73 

Danielle Delage, Toronto, 1.73 

Maja Naruszewicz, Guelph, 1.70 

Triple Jump (M) 

1. Patrick Hanna, Montreal, 15.11 

2. Aaron Hernandez, Lethbridge, 15.09 

3. Jordan Bruce, Dalhousie, 14.94 

Shot Put (M) 

1. Peter Millman, Lethbridge, 17.20 

2. Eli Pawliw, Windsor, 16.63 

3. Marc-Antoine Lafrenaye-Dugas, Sherbrooke,16.63 

1500m (W) 

1. Gabriela Stafford, Toronto, 4:23.02 

2. Katelyn Ayers, Guelph, 4:25.13 

3. Regan Yee, Trinity Western, 4:26.02 

1500m (M) 

1. Antoine Thibeault, Laval, 3:50.69 

2. Cole Peterson, Victoria, 3:51.94 

3. Taylor McArthur, Windsor, 3:51.99 

4X400m (W) 

1. Sherbrooke, 3:45.66  

(Sabrina Neron, Maite Bouchard, Alexia Mahlig, Marie-Eve Jacques 

2. Toronto, 3:46.37  

(Katrina Innanen, Honor Wamsley, Madeleine Kelly, Rachel Jewett) 

3. Alberta, 3:48.34  

(Rachel Rosin, Maegan Ciesielski, Daniella Clonfero, Ashley Whiteman) 

4X400m (M) 

1. Saskatchewan, 3:16.27  

(Graham Black, Ryan Kowalchuk, Jaden Porte, Garrett Peters)   

2. Toronto, 3:17.26  

(Isiah Weathers, Kostas Renieris, Sacha Smart, Rayshaun Franklin  

3. McGill, 3:17.45  

(Ryan McLelland, Ethan Wilkinson, Vincent Parent-Pichette, Javier Montalyo) 



Shot Put (W) 

1. Brittany Crew, York 16.96 CIS Championships Record 

2. Ashley Connell, Guelph, 15.60 

3. Sarah Mitton, Windsor, 14.83 

Long Jump (M)  

1. Riley Bell, Western, 7.40 

2. Ahmed Alkaberry, Regina, 7.32 

3. Branden Wilhelm, Windsor, 7.10 

Pole Vault (W)  

1. Adrianne Vangool, Saskatchewan, 4.00 

2. Sue Kupper, Alberta 3.95 

3. Leah Vause, Saskatchewan, 3.90 

1000m (W) 

1. Gabriela Stafford, Toronto, 2:41.67 CIS Championships Record 

2. Jenna Westaway, Calgary, 2:42.67 

3. Katelyn Ayers, Guelph, 2:46.96 

1000m (M) 

1. Sacha Smart, Toronto, 2:23.92 

2. Corey Bellemore, Windsor, 2:24.36 

3. Nicolas Morin, Laval, 2:24.39 

60m Hurdles (M) 

1. Jared Olson, Saskatchewan, 8.09 

2. Isoken Ogieva, Western, 8.15 

3. Jackson Cheung, Guelph, 8.20 

60m Hurdles (W) 

1. Devyani Bismal, Ottawa, 8.40 

2. Sarah Hammond, Guelph, 8.44 

3. Joy Spear Chief-Morris, Western, 8.48  

3000m (W) 

1. Regan Yee, Trinity Western, 9:37.12 

2. Tamara Jewett, Toronto, 9:37.46 

3. Katrina Allison, Guelph, 9:39.59 

3000m (M) 

1. Antoine Thibeault, Laval, 8:10.20 

2. Paul Janikowski, Windsor, 8:14.90 

3. Jean-Samuel Lapointe, Laval, 8:15.36 

High Jump (M)  

1. Sean Cate, Guelph, 2.16 

2. Alhaji Mansaray, Manitoba, 2.10 

3. Branden Wilhelm, Windsor, 2.10 

Long Jump (W)  

1. Sandra Latrace, Lethbridge, 5.82 

2. Astrid Nyame, Saskatchewan, 5.82 

3. Emily Omahen, Windsor, 5.80 

Weight Throw (M) 

1. Jared Skeath, Guelph, 20.53 

2. Chris Preece, York, 18.48 

3. Marc-Antoine Lafranaye-Dugas, Sherbrooke, 18.42 

300m (W) 

1. Ashley Whiteman, Alberta, 39.10 

2. Naomi Lance, Waterloo, 39.17 

3. Sheereen Harris, York, 39.44 

300m (M) 

1. Nathan George, Trinity Western, 33.52 

2. Rayshaun Franklin, Toronto, 33.66 

3. Bismark Boateng, York, 33.93   

4X800m (W) 

1. Toronto, 8:49.74 

(Gillian Ceyhan, Madeleine Kelly, Honor Walmsley, Rachel Jewett) 

2. Sherbrooke, 8:54.43 

(Winona Lefebvre-Castillo, Beatrice Moyen-Sylvestre, Maite Bouchard, Marie-Eve Jacques) 

3. Guelph, 8:55.75 

(Emily Gordon, Cheryse Mitton, Janelle Hanna, Sophia Watts) 

4X800m (M) 

1. Windsor, 7:30.80 

(Taylor MacArthur, Joe Kagumba, Nick MAcMackin, Corey Bellemore) 

2. Victoria, 7:30.84 

(Tyler Smith, Isaac Penner, Cole Peterson, Brendon Restall) 

3. Laval, 7:35.55 

(Benoit Dider, Benjamin Raymond, Nicolas Morin, Alex Busseires) 


Weight Throw (W) 

1. Brittany Crew, York, 18.90 

2.Olena Olenick, Saskatchewan, 18.08 

3. Jordana Badley-Castello, Windsor, 17.61  

60m (W)  

1.Joy Spear Chief-Morris, Western, 7.40 

2. Sheereen Harris, York, 7.54 

3. Shannay Beals, Dalhousie, 7.54 

60m (M) 

1. Tevaughn Campbell, Regina, 6.67 

2. Bismark Boateng, York, 6.74 

3. Kyle Thompson, Guelph, 6.78 

Pentathlon (W) 

1. Kaleigh Hole, Western, 3940 

2. Helena Reinfels, McGill, 3868 

3. Astrid Nyame, Saskatchean, 3824 

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