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Golf Ontario – On the girls’ side, Vanessa Borovilos of Credit Valley Golf and Country Club was +1 today to ensure 1st place in the championship. She started out the front nine +2 (38) with a birdie, bogey, and a double bogey, and finished out the back nine -1 (35) with two birdies and a bogey. She went 72-73 over the two days for a total of 145 after two rounds.

Alexa Ouellet of Credit Valley Golf and Country club was +3 today for a total of 75 and went 77-75 for a total of 152 over two days. Following closely with a total of 155, was Kelly Zhao of Station Creek Golf Club.

On the boys’ side, Alex Long of Credit Valley Golf and Country Club had a course record -5 (67) during the final round.  He went 70-67 for a total of 137 over two days, with a lead of 13 over two days.  Andre Zhu of National Pines Golf Club went 73-77 for a two-day total of 150, while Jordan Hwang of York Downs Golf and Country Club, William Lin of Station Creek Golf Club, and Cale Marontate of Kingsville Golf and Country Club were T3.

12-year-old Vanessa Borovilos won the U.S. Kid World’s but this is her first Championship won with Golf Ontario “I would like to thank my coach for helping me, and my dad for supporting me, and my friend for her support”.

2018 Golf Ontario Boys’ Peewee Champion Alex Long had a course record today, with a 67 “This is my first Ontario Peewee Championship win. I practiced my short-game, practicing with my coach Doug, and I would like to thank my dad and my coach for coaching me, the course for hosting, and Golf Ontario for this tournament. I would also like to thank my competitors for coming”.

The coach of both of the Champions. Doug Lawrie is the director of instruction at the Credit Valley Golf and Country Club, has been the US Kids Top 50 Master Instructor. PGA of Ontario and Canada Junior Leader of the year “My primary focus is junior golf. With this win here with both of my athletes at the Peewee, it’s my third provincial championship with juniors that I coach … Junior Golf is my passion. I Just think that the more that Golf Ontario does for Junior Golf, creating an environment for kids to compete and grow the game, is just fantastic. So to watch my players competing here this week, … to watch them compete and have smiles on their faces, and meet new people, and make new friends, is worth its weight in gold”.

“Golf Ontario strongly supports the development of Junior Golfers through our many initiatives that help Grow the Game! We enjoy being able to host championships like the Peewee Girls’ and Boys’ Championships to develop the talent of Junior Golfers in Ontario.  Through participating in our events, we hope that junior golfers learn values that will help build them as golfers, and citizens for years to come.” – Mike Kelly, Executive Director of Golf Ontario

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For live results of the boys’ competition click here.

About the Ontario Peewee Championship

The Ontario Peewee Championship made its debut in 2015. The championship is hosted by the Puslinch Lake Golf Course, which has a history with Golf Ontario, hosting the Ontario Batam Championship from 1999 to 2012. The tournament is open to males and females who are younger than 13 years of age as of Aug. 1.

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Results for contest Overall:
 1   Alex Long          The Country Club - West    70-67--137 -7    
 2   Andre Zhu          National Pines Golf Club   73-77--150 +6    
 T3  Jordan Hwang       York Downs Golf & Country  76-77--153 +9    
 T3  William Lin        Station Creek GC           76-77--153 +9    
 T3  Cale Marontate     Kingsville Golf & Country  74-79--153 +9    
 6   Jeremiah Walker    Credit Valley Golf & Coun  79-78--157 +13   
 7   Jager Pain         Public Player              80-79--159 +15   
 8   Eric Zhao          Bayview G&CC               78-82--160 +16   
 9   David Ursu         Cedar Brae GC              83-78--161 +17   
 10  Lucas Chi          Station Creek GC           81-81--162 +18   
 11  Aydan Downer       The Sands Golf Club        82-81--163 +19   
 T12 Isaiah Ibit        Public Player              83-83--166 +22   
 T12 Ryan Zhao          Bayview G&CC               86-80--166 +22   
 T12 Kurt Rivers        Brampton GC                82-84--166 +22   
 15  Andrew Laurin      Barrie CC                  84-83--167 +23   
 16  Aiden Talent       Lakeridge Links Golf Club  86-83--169 +25   
 17  Nolan Laird        Public Player              90-80--170 +26   
 T18 Dougie Basadur     Hamilton G & CC            93-80--173 +29   
 T18 Baron Mundy        Mississaugua               89-84--173 +29   
 T20 Ty Werynski        Hidden Lake GC             90-87--177 +33   
 T20 Bennett Hawrelak   Thames Valley Golf & Coun  87-90--177 +33   
 22  William Miles      Hidden Lake GC             87-93--180 +36   
 T23 Thomas Lin         Glendale Golf & CC         93-91--184 +40   
 T23 John Kingdon       Sawmill Golf Club          90-94--184 +40   
 25  Yuto Nohdomi       Cedar Brae GC              92-93--185 +41   
 26  Owen Voortman      Chapples Golf Club         101-88--189 +45  
 27  Logan Merritt      Greenhills Golf Club       102-88--190 +46  
 T28 Atlas Ibit         Public Player              95-96--191 +47   
 T28 Yuji Nohdomi       Cedar Brae GC              98-93--191 +47   
 T28 James McNair       Weston G&CC                91-100--191 +47  
 31  Ben Deschamps      Thames Valley Golf & Coun  93-99--192 +48   
 32  Landon Kelly       Lindsay Golf & Country Cl  102-93--195 +51  
 33  Jordan Walford     Public Player              103-97--200 +56  
 T34 Carson Birch       Mill Run GC                104-99--203 +59  
 T34 Suowei Wu          Glen Abbey GC              93-110--203 +59  
 36  Brandon McDougall  Firerock GC                105-110--215 +71 
 37  Tyler Beharrell    Firerock GC                115-103--218 +74 


 DQ  Cameron Deeks      Firerock GC                                

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