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Squash Canada  – OTTAWA, ON, August 8, 2016 – The Battle of the Border took place this past weekend at The Club at White Oaks (Niagara-On-the-Lake, ON), featuring 48 male and female junior squash players from Canada and the USA. The weekend tournament saw the two countries battle in Boys and Girls U13, U15 and U17 for squash supremacy.

Representing Team Canada were:
GU13 — Alex Brown (BC),  Sarah Cao (BC), Molly Chadwick (ON), Summer Schofield (SK) 
BU13 — Mohamad Kamal (AB), Griffin Manley (ON), Gabriel Yun (BC), Jacob Zihao Lin (BC) GU15 — Marlow Benson (ON), Lucia Bicknell (BC), Haley Jefferson (ON), Charlotte Orcutt (ON) 
BU15 — John Dempsey (BC), Nikhil Ismail (ON), Mitchell Kahnert (BC), Ali Shalaby (ON)
GU17 — Cynthia Cao (BC), Emma Jinks (PEI), Nicole Kendall (ON), Andrea Toth (BC) 
BU17 — George Crowne (ON), Julien Gosset (ON), Ryan Picken (BC), Akasham Rajagopaul (ON)
Coaches: Nicole Garon, Greg Hutner, Spider Jones, Janet McLeod, Tara Mullins, Tyler Osborne, Chris Sachvie, Marci Sier. 

In its the twelve year, the annual cross-border challenge was one for the books with Team Canada coming out victorious over Team USA 13 matches to 11. The Battle of the Border teams are comprised of the top 4 players from each country in the boys and girls under 13, 15, and 17. The weekend is filled with training, friendly competition, team building, trips around the Niagara region, and of course the Sunday morning battle in which the 24 athletes from each team fight to earn a match for their country.  

Final Results 
Girls U-17 [Canada def. USA 3-1]   
Nicole Kendall (ON) def. Grace Steelman 3-0  
Emma Jinks (PEI) def. Lili Zelov 3-2
Andrea Toth (BC) def. Binny Huffman 3-1  
Abigail Dichter def. Cynthia Cao (BC) 3-0   

Girls U-15 [USA def. Canada 3-1]
Kathrine Glaser def. Charlotte Orcutt (ON) 3-0
Emma Carney def. Lucia Bicknell (BC) 3-0
Nina Mitel def. Haley Jefferson (ON) 3-0
Marlow Benson (ON) def. Priya Verma 3-2

Boys U-17 [Canada def. USA 4-0]
Akasham Rajagopaul (ON) def. Tiber Worth 3-0
Julien Gosset (ON) def. Keith Lamp 3-0
Ryan Picken (BC) def. Willima Ezratty 3-2
George Crowne (ON) def. Tucker Martino 3-2
Boys U-15 [Canada ties USA 2-2]
Maxwell Velazquez def. Mitchell Kahnert (BC) 3-2
John Dempsey (BC) def. Dana Santry 3-2
Nicholas Spizzirri def. Nikhil Ismail (ON) 3-0
Ali Shalaby (ON) def. Joey Raskin Lantos 3-0

Girls U-13 [USA def. Canada 3-1]
Stoltz def. Molly Chadwick (ON) 3-2
Sarah Cao (BC) def. Joy Qu 3-1
Charlotte Bell def. Alex Brown (BC) 3-1
Devon Shatzman def. Summer Schofield (SK) 3-0  

Boys U-13 [Canada ties USA 2-2]
Tad Carney def. Mohamad Kamal (AB) 3-2
Gabriel Yun (BC) def. Hudson Dunn 3-1
Rana Thakkar def. Griffin Manley (ON) 3-2
Jacob Zihao Lin (BC) def. Hollis Robertson 3-2

Thank you to all the players, coaches and everyone involved from both countries for a great tournament. Until next year!

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