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Racquetball Canada – Winnipeg, March 25, 2016 – Canada’s top junior racquetball athletes had a successful week at the Canadian Junior Racquetball Championships being held in Kelowna, BC from April 20 to 23.  

Several veteran athletes added more championship titles and podium results to their list of accomplishments.  Most athletes finishing in the top three have been on the podium before, either in their current age category, or as they have moved up the junior ranks in other age categories.  

Trevor Webb of Cambridge, ON and Graham Frattinger of Martensville, SK made a successful transition into the Boy’s 18&U age category, winning gold and silver in the singles event respectively.  Both were on the podium last year in the 16&U age category with the same results.

Alexis Iwaasa of Lethbridge, AB won gold in the Girl’s 16&U event, which was a repeat of her results from 2015.  

Ian Frattinger of Martensville, SK also won the Boy’s 14&U Singles event for the second year in a row. Sean Sauvé of Saint-Stanislas-de-kostka, QC was back on the podium, matching his silver medal results from 2015.

Cassie Prentice of Macrorie, SK and Juliette Parent of St-Jacques De Montcalm, QC won gold and silver respectively in the Girl’s 14&U Singles. This was a repeat of their results from last year in the same age category. 

Several athletes competing in events in the younger age categories also had repeat podium finishes.  However there were new athletes in the medal mix, which is good for the future of the sport.  

Kaleb Osborne of Penetanguishene, ON was selected for the Sherman Greenfeld Award and Marika Demers of Terrebonne, QC was selected for the Heather Stupp Award.  These awards are given to a male and female athlete, respectively, who exemplifies excellence in racquetball both on and off the court while competing at the Canadian Junior Racquetball Championships event.

The Canadian Junior Racquetball Championships is a unique event which provides both a development and high performance opportunity for Canada’s young racquetball athletes. Results in the 18 & U, 16 &U and 14 & U age categories will determine spots on Canada’s team for the 2016 World Junior Racquetball Championships.  The event also provides the opportunity for novice athletes to complete in a national event and for Racquetball Canada to identify athletes with potential or international competition at an elite level.  

The team that will represent Canada at the International Racquetball Federation World Junior Championships in November will be announced in the next two weeks.  

Canadian Junior Racquetball Championships – Final Top 3 Results

Boys Events

18 & U Singles

1. Trevor Webb (Cambridge, ON), 2. Graham Frattinger (Martensville, SK), 3. Devin Halko (Edmonton, AB). 

18 & U Doubles

1. Graham Frattinger / Ian Frattinger (Martensville, SK), 2. Devin Halko (Edmonton, AB) / Mark Nelson (Tecumseh, ON), 3. Remi Fournier / Jacob Mack (Winnipeg, MB). 

16 & U Singles

1. Simon Comeau, (Saint-Stanislas-de-kostka, QC), 2. Kaleb Osborne (Penetanguishene, ON), 3. Spencer Bell (Kelowna, BC). 

16 & U Doubles

1. Simon Comeau (Saint-Stanislas-de- kostka, QC) / Kaleb Osborn (Penetanguishene, ON), 2. Spencer Bell (Kelowna, BC) / Cameron Brookwell (Calgary, AB). 

14 & & Singles

1.  Ian Frattinger (Martensville, SK), 2. Sean Sauvé (L’Assomption, QC), 3. Nathan Jauvin (Terrebonne, QC).

14 & U Doubles

1. Kody Boudreau (St-Charles Borromee, QC) / Sean Sauvé (L’Assomption, QC), 2. Logan Boudreau (St-Charles Borromee, QC) / Nathan Jauvin (Terrebonne, QC), 3. Christian Pocsai / Simon Pocsai (New Hamburg, ON). 

12 & U Singles

1. Nathan Jauvin (Terrebonne, QC), 2. Naman Gauri (Lethbridge, AB), 3. Christian Pocsai (New Hamburg, ON)

12 & U Doubles

1. Naman Gauri (Lethbridge, AB) / Caylen Yaretz (Calgary, AB), 2. Mitch Bell (Kelowna, BC) / Joeycosmo Lee (West Kelowna, BC), 3. Asher Harrington (Winnipeg, MB) / Asher Pocsal (New Hamburg, ON)

10 & U Singles

1. Mitch Bell (Kelowna, BC), 2. Raphael Demers (Terrebonne, QC), 3. Asher Pocsai (New Hamburg, ON).

10 & U Singles Double-Bounce

1.  Patrick Plamondon (Joliette, QC), 3. Cadan Klassen (Kelowna, BC). 

8 & U Singles

1. Raphael Demers (Terrebonne, QC), 2. Asher Pocsai (New Hamburg, ON), 

3. Raphael Guillemette (Mercier, QC). 

8 & U Singles Multi-Bounce

1.  Raphael Demers (Terrebonne, QC), 2. Mateo Urteaga (Langley, BC), 3. Julian Urteaga (Langley, BC).

Girl’s Events

18 & U Singles

1. Jewel Sauvé (L’Assomption, QC)

18 & U Doubles

1. Jewel Sauvé (L’Assomption, QC) / Camila Wilscam (Repentigny, QC).

16 & U Singles

1. Alexis Iwaasa (Lethbridge, AB), 2. Marjolaine Parent (St-Jacques De Montcalm, QC), 3. Teanna Letkeman (Carberry, MB).

16 & U Doubles

1. Juliette Parent / Marjolaine Parent (St-Jacques De Montcalm, QC), 2. Teanna Letkeman (Carberry, MB) / Cassie Prentice (Macrorie, SK). 

14 & U Singles

1. Cassie Prentice (Macrorie, SK), 2. Juliette Parent (St-Jacques De Montcalm, QC), 3. Camila Wilscam (Repentigny, QC). 

14 & U Doubles

1. Marika Demers (Terrebonne, QC) / Ofelia Wilscam (Repentigny, QC, 2. Malay Galigan (Kelowna, BC) / Riley Sommerville (Langley, BC). 

12 & U Singles

1. Riley Sommerville (Langley, BC), 2. Ofelia Wilscam (Repentigny, QC), 3. Tamara Wilscam (Repentigny, QC).

12 & U Doubles

1, Ofelia Wilscam / Tamara Wilscam (Repentigny, QC). 

10 & U Singles

1.  Ofelia Wilscam (Repentigny, QC), 2. Tamara Wilscam (Repentigny, QC), 3. Chloe Jauvin (Terrebonne, QC).

10 & U Singles – Double Bounce

1. Chloe Jauvin (Terrebonne, QC)

8 & U Singles Multi-Bounce 

1. Iris Scott (Langley, BC)

Final Results

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