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Sport Information Resource Centre – What is Keeping You up at Night?

Are you up at night wondering how to support athlete performance or mentor up-and-coming leaders? Are there unanswered questions on how to improve sport participation from all levels and athletes? Whatever it is, we want to know!

The Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) is committed to improving the Canadian sport system by connecting sport organizations with research and evaluation findings to support decision-making and innovation. To do this, we need to hear from you about current knowledge gaps, research questions, hot topics, and persisting problems.

National, provincial/territorial and community sport organizations are encouraged to email SIRC  about “what’s keeping you up at night”. Your suggestions will be integrated into discussion at the upcoming Sport Canada Research Initiative conference and will drive future content shared through SIRC knowledge nuggets, blogs and SIRCuit articles.

All members of the Canadian sport sector are invited to attend the SCRI conference. Hosted this year in conjunction with the Petro-Canada Sport Leadership sportif conference (#SLS18), the SCRI conference gathers together the sport community, government and sport researchers to share their knowledge and expertise. It is your opportunity to share, discuss, and develop insight into current sport participation research. 

To send SIRC your research questions, click here or tweet @SIRCtweets using hashtag #SCRI2018

For more information about the SCRI conference, click here.

Kamie Brookes
Event Management Coordinator