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SLSG – November 23rd, 2017 – The Sport Law & Strategy Group (SLSG) celebrates its 25th anniversary this week and we would like to thank all of our clients, partners, friends, families and associates who have contributed to this important milestone. Since 1992, the SLSG (formerly known as the Centre for Sport and Law) has provided consulting services to the broad Canadian sport community including local clubs, regional provincial, territorial and national sport organizations. Amazingly, we can count over 800 different sport groups as clients over the past 25 years!  We value every one of our clients and thank you greatly for trusting us with your business.

“You have played a central role in assisting our organization in our growth and development. You are one phone call away any time we look to grow as an organization, whether it is the result of an issue that needs tending or an area of growth that we wish to pursue.  Thanks for being that sounding board and that well of expertise that we as sport leaders can reliably draw upon. Congrats SLSG on 25 years!”

– Jasmine Northcott, Chief Executive Officer, Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada

We celebrated our 25th anniversary last week with an informal social in Ottawa and our team was happy to gather with clients and friends to help launch our new and improved website.

“Our mission to prepare the Olympic team for Games, has been well supported by the consulting work of the Sport Law & Strategy Goupr, and in particular with Dina Bell-Laroche. Their humanistic approach to leadership and development sets a high standard for all of us in our collective pursuit of excellence.”

Derek Covington, Director, Olympic Performance

We are proud to have assisted our clients with a range of services including good governance, strategic communications, financial management, legal issues, leadership development and everything in between. We truly feel we are a full service organization and encourage you to learn more about our services and how we can help support your growth and effectiveness as a leading sport organization.

“CKC has had the great luxury of engaging SLSG to help support, guide and lead in areas involving governance and organizational change, human resource advice, legal advice and counsel, financial expertise and leadership development. Often as a CEO during challenging times you can feel as if you’re on an island. There are some within sport you turn to seek support and guidance. The SLSG is a strong extension of that support and CKC has benefited greatly from it. Thank you SLSG. You’ve been incredible to work with. Happy 25 years!”

– Casey Wade, Chief Executive Officer, Canoe Kayak Canada

The SLSG’s two partners – Steve Indig and Dina Bell-Laroche – would like to thank the SLSG’s founding partners, Hilary Findlay and Rachel Corbett, for laying the groundwork and starting the company. Rachel Corbett is retiring from full time work this year and wrote a recent blogpost reflecting on this anniversary and her time in sport.

“Whether it is conflict resolution, risk management, policy development, change management or legal counsel, the SLSG has been a reliable, expert service provider for our organization for many years. They understand the unique challenges that sports organizations face and their outside perspective is always incredibly valuable. If you are facing a difficult situation, call them.  It will save you time and money in the long run.”

– Penny Joyce, Chief Operating Officer, Diving Plongeon Canada

Our company now consists of seven professionals, including partners Dina and Steve, and associates Kevin Lawrie, LeeAnn Cupidio, Kathy Hare, Jason Robinson, and Rosanna Tomiuk. We believe that with our wide-ranging and diverse skillset we can help any organization – large or small – with any problem, strategy, aspiration, project, or service.

“The CCES has engaged the services of SLSG for well over two decades now. They have consistently brought to their work a client-centered and forward-thinking approach. I have always found that they are quick to understand your problem or need and they bring results-oriented solutions to their work. Their multi-disciplinary team brings a depth of experience that is always evident in the quality of their work. And one of the SLSG’s key assets, that we have appreciated very much, has been their thorough knowledge and understanding of the Canadian sport system. This knowledge and understanding has allowed SLSG to add tremendous value to the work they have done for the CCES over the years”

– Paul Melia, President and CEO, Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport


In reviewing the impact we’ve had since our last milestone blogpost five years ago, we wanted to add a few more noteworthy items:

  • Continuing the Risk Management Program, in conjunction with the CCES and the True Sport Foundation, which has entered its 11th year and which has been delivered to over 5O NSOs, PSOs and MSOs.


  • Launching the “Advancing Your Game” webinar series. We have delivered 18 webinars and continue to offer between six and eight webinars each year on topics of importance to Canadian sport leaders.


  • Welcoming three new associates to our team. Kathy Hare, Jason Robinson, and Rosanna Tomiuk add to our capacity in the areas of financial services, human resources, leadership coaching, event risk management, sponsorships, parliamentarian services, and more.


  • Publishing the Harassment in Sport Blog Series, in conjunction with the CAC, CAAWS, and CCES, a four-part discussion on the history and future of our efforts at eliminating harassment in sport.


  • Focusing our attention on leadership and Integral CoachingTM – a burgeoning field of personal and professional development which can help sport leaders and employees enhance their communication skills, manage conflict more effectively and expand their thinking.


  • Assisting over 75 federal organizations with their transition to compliance with the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and currently working with a large number of BC and Ontario organizations on their own transition to compliance with new provincial legislation.

We look forward to more highlights ahead. We look forward to continuing being “one phone call away”, standing with you on that island, addressing those unique challenges that sport leaders face, helping your organization grow, and bringing results-oriented solutions. Thank you for these twenty-five years!


For more information please contact Dina Bell-Laroche (, Steve Indig (, or call us at 647-348-3080