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iS4 – New venture will empower youth and executives to dream big and strive for success

November 2, 2016 (Vancouver) – Four members of Canada’s national soccer team have joined forces to launch iS4, a Canadian company created to help empower youth and executives to dig deep, dream big, and strive high.

iS4 will hold development camps for youth that combine soccer skills training with teamwork and motivational lessons from Canada’s top women’s soccer stars, as well as offering presentation and speaking services for events and boardrooms that engage audiences through ideas on team work, passion, and the competitive nature needed to rise to the top.

Over the past four years, the dynamic foursome have been travelling the country, in-between National Team training camps and competitions, studies and professional soccer careers, to connect with young athletes on soccer pitches from coast to coast.  Buoyed by the enthusiastic response from Canadian youth and the overwhelming support from parents who attended the camps and motivational sessions, the foursome have decided to officially establish iS4 and bring their knowledge and experience to the Canadian public.    

iS4 is an acronym for I STRIVE FOUR , a concept with deep meaning for the four members of the team, which speaks to their personal beliefs and their commitment to use their company’s platform as a force for good.

Christine Sinclair, known to Canadians as the exalted striker and Captain of Canada’s Women’s National Team for the past decade, wants to bring some of what she’s learned as an athlete to youth who also have dreams of achieving something big.  Sinclair, who recently played her 250th international match, scored the Rio 2016 bronze medal winning goal during that fixture.

“When we are on the pitch with these kids, we give them a sense of what is possible with commitment, passion, and hard work,” said Sinclair.   “Our soccer camps teach these athletes that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and love what you do.”

For Diana Matheson, sharing both their experiences – both wonderful and disappointing – is part of how iS4 will help audiences strive for success.

“We are the first Canadian team to bring home a medal from back-to-back summer Olympics in over 100 years,” said Matheson, the midfielder responsible for scoring the bronze medal winning goal in 2012. “Our Olympic success is a powerful place to build our story from. We are now looking to channel our skills beyond the pitch to share what we have come to know about what makes a successful team, overcoming obstacles and failures, and about creating a culture of excellence.”

Since retiring from the game after placing sixth at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015, Canada’s 18-year veteran goalkeeper Karina LeBlanc has been speaking regularly to executives and in the media.


“These messages and life lessons apply not only to athletes but also to executives,” said LeBlanc. “I have been fortunate to be in meetings with some of Canada’s top CEOs and they are dealing with many of the same issues that high performance team’s in sport face. The lessons and skills we learned on and off the pitch directly apply to what is needed to run a high performing and engaged team in the business world. Employees leave our talks inspired and empowered to try something new, to create a trusting and high functioning environment, to appreciate diversity of perspective, and to adapt in the face of adversity.”

Recognized for her work ethic and tenacity, veteran Rhian Wilkinson is passionately committed to iS4’s mission and confident in the difference it will make to those who listen to their stories.

“I remember being unsure about myself when I was an adolescent and it is to those young minds that I am connecting when we deliver our camps,” said Wilkinson. “I also recognize that many executives have employees who struggle with confidence and with finding their unique voice in the stress of the business world. Following our talks, my hope is that these people walk away feeling more confident in what they have to offer and more inspired to contribute knowing that they have something valuable to bring to their team.”

iS4 already has an impressive list of supporting organizations who have contributed to the company’s success thus far. These partners include Canadian Tire’s JumpStart program, the Sport Law & Strategy Group, Y5 Creative, and Sombilon Photography.

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