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Rugby Ontario – RICHMOND HILL, ONTARIO – Rugby Canada and Rugby Ontario are proud to support the passing of Rowan’s Law.
If passed on June 7, as expected, Rowan’s Law would set the stage for coordinating youth concussion protocols among four provincial ministries and other groups with the purpose of implementing the recommendations from the Coroner’s Inquest into Rowan Stringer’s death. If successful, Rowan’s Law would become the first concussion legislation in Canada.
Last June’s Coroner’s Inquest made 49 recommendations, including a call for Rowan’s Law, which incorporates the following three areas of importance:
  • Education for athletes, coaches and parents on concussion management
  • Recognizing and removing players with suspected concussions
  • Return-to-play policy for players diagnosed with concussions


Both Rugby Canada and Rugby Ontario consider player welfare to be of paramount importance at all levels of the game in Canada. On and off the field, everyone involved in the sport has a responsibility to ensure everything possible is being done to protect players and their well being by ensuring the game is played safely.
“We salute all those who have worked so hard to make Rowan’s Law a reality,” said Tim Powers, Chairman of Rugby Canada’s Board of Directors. “Gordon and Kathleen Stringer have inspired a nation with their tireless work to make sure Rowan’s lasting gift is the well being and safety of generations of athletes.”
Having been involved and supportive of Rowan’s Law since its inception, Rugby Canada and Rugby Ontario continue to strive to be world-leaders in player welfare and, specifically, concussion management.
“Rugby Ontario is pleased to support this legislation. There is nothing more important than the well being of our athletes,” said David Butler, Chairman of Rugby Ontario.
In January 2016, Rugby Canada launched Rugby Canada PlaySmart, its new player welfare system. The program aims to educate players, parents, coaches, match officials, and administrators on player welfare with a particular focus on concussion management.
To learn more about Rugby Canada PlaySmart, please visit
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