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Canadian Interuniversity Sport – OTTAWA (CIS) – Canadian Interuniversity Sport announced Thursday roster changes as well as the complete coaching staffs for the 14th annual East-West Bowl.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE (including ticket info):

The prospects game, which features for the most part CIS players heading into their Canadian Football League draft year, is set for Saturday at 1 p.m. at McGill University’s Percival Molson Memorial Stadium in Montreal, streamed live on

Three players originally selected to the East roster have been forced to the sidelines, including McGill receiver Moy Mc Donald, Montreal linebacker Frédéric Chagnon and Laval defensive back Alex Hovington. They were replaced at their respective positions by Sherbrooke’s Jean-Raphaël Moisan, Carleton’s Keith Graham and St. Francis Xavier’s Justin Holland.

On the West side, Guelph receiver Jacob Scarfone, Calgary receiver Rashaun Simonise, McMaster offensive lineman Cody Speller, Calgary defensive lineman Cory Robinson and Western defensive back Jesse McNair are unable to take the field on Saturday. Taking their spots in the lineup are McGill’s Jonathan Mack, Western’s Adam Sinclair, Montreal’s Jean-Christophe Labrecque, Calgary’s Connor McGough and Montreal’s Samuel Drapeau.

East head coach Danny Maciocia of Montreal, who announced earlier this week Adamo Iadeluca of Montreal (offence), Fabrice Raymond of Montreal (defence) and Kevin Mackey of Bishop’s (special teams) as his coordinators for the game, completed his coaching staff with Alex Vertullo of Queen’s (quarterbacks), Steve Snyder of StFX (receivers), Kyle Handy of Bishop’s (offensive line), Alain Mainguy of McGill (offensive line), Glen Constantin of Laval (defensive line) and Mickey Donovan of Concordia (linebackers).

Iadeluca and Raymond will also coach the running backs and defensive backs, respectively.

For the West, head coach Blake Nill of UBC, offensive coordinator and running backs coach Mark Surya of Wilfrid Laurier, defensive coordinator Dwayne Cameron of Laurier and special teams coordinator Paul Orazietti of UBC will be accompanied on the sidelines by Laurier’s Michael Faulds (quarterbacks), Regina’s Mark McConkey (receivers), Saskatchewan’s Scott Flory (offensive line), Toronto’s Kevin Eiben (defensive line), Guelph’s Adam Grandy (linebackers) and Guelph’s Donnavan Carter (defensive backs).


Tuesday, May 10                   

19:00-20:00     First meeting

20:00-22:00     Team meeting


Wednesday, May 11

10:00-13:00     Combine for participating players (Bell Sports Complex – Brossard)

16:00-18:00     Practice East & West (Molson Stadium)

18:00-22:00     CFL Free-Agent Camp (Molson Stadium)

20:00-22:00     Meetings         


Thursday, May 12     

10:00-12:00     Practice East (Molson Stadium)

13:30-15:30     Practice West (Molson Stadium)

16:30-17:30     Practice Special Teams (Molson Stadium)


Friday, May 13          

10:00-12:00     Practice East & West (Molson Stadium)

16:00-18:00     Practice East & West (Molson Stadium)

19:00-22:00     Banquet (Douglas Hall – McGill)


Saturday, May 14

13:00-16:00     East-West Bowl Game (Molson Stadium)


2015 (at McGill): East 29, West 21

2014 (at Western): East 19, West 12

2013 (at Western): West 18, East 17

2012 (at Western): East 24, West 16

2011 (at Western): East 34, West 27 (OT)

2010 (at Western): East 12, West 9

2009 (at Western): West 16, East 7

2008 (at McMaster): East 25, West 12

2007 (at Laval): West 22, East 19 (OT)

2006 (at Laval): West 34, East 26 (OT)

2005 (at Laurier): West 34, East 16

2004 (at Laurier): West 21, East 12

2003 (at Laurier): West 10, East 5




Pos.     Name                                       University       HT       WT      Hometown


QB       Dante Djan                              StFX                6-4       230      Calgary, Alta.

QB       James Roberts                          Guelph             6-0       185      Cambridge, Ont.

RB       Antony Auclair                                    Laval               6-6       254      Notre-Dame-des-Pins, Que.

RB       Jamall Hyman-Hamilton          Bishop’s          6-0       205      Toronto, Ont.  

RB       Jonah Pataki                            Queen’s           6-0       205      Wallaceburg, Ont.       

RB       Sean Thomas-Erlington                        Montreal          5-9       210      Montreal, Que.

RB       Oumar Touré                           Sherbrooke      6-4       235      Montreal, Que.

REC     Nate Behar                               Carleton           6-0       200      London, Ont.  

REC     Dakota Brush                           Mount Allison  6-4       230      Brantford, Ont.                       

REC     Ryan Dunaway                                    York                6-5       210      Burlington, Ont.          

REC     Keon Hughes                           StFX                6-3       220      Mississauga, Ont.

REC     Félix Lechasseur                      Laval               6-3       190      Quebec City, Que.

REC     Matt McDougall                       Western           6-3       192      Belleville, Ont.            

REC     Blair McKay                            Waterloo          5-10     190      Waterford, Ont.                      

REC     Jean-Raphaël Moisan               Sherbrooke      6-1       200      St-Raymond, Que.

OL       Kwabena Asare                       Carleton           6-8       270      Brampton, Ont.                       

OL       Antoine Demers                       Sherbrooke      6-3       290      Repentigny, Que.        

OL       Marc Glaude                            Montreal          6-2       310      Beaconsfield, Que.

OL       Andre Goguen                                     Mount Allison  6-1       315      Moncton, N.B.

OL       Daniel Hayes                           Queen’s           6-4       335      Waterloo, Ont.            

OL       Marcus MacIsaac                     Saint Mary’s    6-3       275      Elmsdale, N.S.

OL       Jean-Simon Roy                      Laval               6-3       290      Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, Que.          

OL       Qadr Spooner                          McGill             6-3       295      Brossard, Que.



DL       Émile Charron-Ligez                Montreal          6-2       265      Montreal, Que.            

DL       Edward Godin                                     Laval               6-2       250      Quebec City, Que.

DL       Junior Luke                             Montreal          6-2       300      Montreal, Que.

DL       Adam Melanson                      Acadia             6-2       290      Kentville, N.S.

DL       Sam Narkaj                              Concordia        6-1       295      Toronto, Ont.              

DL       Kay Okafor                             StFX                6-4       265      Enugu, Nigeria

DL       Zac Sauer                                 Queen’s           6-3       231      Ayr, Ont.                    

LB       Leon Cenerini                          Carleton           5-10     220      La Salle, Man.             

LB       Alex Cromer-Émond               Montreal          5-8       205      Price, Que.

LB       Eric Gracioppo                                    McGill             6-2       234      Montreal, Que.

LB       Keith Graham                          Carleton           6-0       210      Halifax, N.S.

LB       Étienne Morin                          Bishop’s          5-9       200      Saint-Ludger, Que.      

DB       Ty Cranston                             Ottawa             6-3       205      Winnipeg, Man.          

DB       Nathaniel Hamlin                     Carleton           6-1       205      Ottawa, Ont.               

DB       Harland Hastings                     Acadia             5-11     185      Calgary, Alta.  

DB       Justin Holland                          StFX                6-1       190      Parksville, B.C.

DB       Kevin Myrthil                          Saint Mary’s    5-9       185      Montreal, Que.

DB       Andreas Robinson                   Saint Mary’s    6-0       175      Dartmouth, N.S.

DB       Devante Sampson                    Mount Allison  5-8       170      Mississauga, Ont.        

DB       Anthony Tanguay                    Sherbrooke      5-11     180      Saint-Georges, Que.    

DB       Charles-William Tremblay       McGill             5-9       206      Quebec City, Que.      

Special Teams

K         Lewis Ward                             Ottawa             5-7       175      Kingston, Ont.

Originally selected but unable to participate:

REC     Moy Mc Donald                      McGill             5-11     178      Brossard, Que.           

LB        Frédéric Chagnon                   Montreal          6-4       240      Montreal, Que.           

DB       Alex Hovington                                    Laval               6-0       180      Montreal, Que.           

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Danny Maciocia (Montreal)

Offensive Coordinator & Running Backs: Adamo Iadeluca (Montreal)

Defensive Coordinator & Defensive Backs: Fabrice Raymond (Montreal)

Special Teams Coordinator: Kevin Mackey (Bishop’s)

Quarterbacks: Alex Vertullo (Queen’s)

Receivers: Steve Snyder (St. Francis Xavier)

Offensive Line: Kyle Handy (Bishop’s)

Offensive Line: Alain Mainguy (McGill)

Defensive Line: Glen Constantin (Laval)

Linebackers: Mickey Donovan (Concordia)


Pos.     Name                                       University       HT       WT      Hometown


QB       Theo Deezar                            Manitoba         6-5       230      Winnipeg, Man.          

QB       Asher Hastings                                     McMaster         6-4       218      Regina, Sask.  

RB       Johnny Augustine                    Guelph             5-10     210      Welland, Ont.

RB       Alex Christie                            Manitoba         5-9       195      Thorold, Ont.  

RB       Ed Ilnicki                                 Alberta             5-10     215      Spruce Grove, Alta.

RB       Stefano Napolitano                  Carleton           6-1       255      Stittsville, Ont.

REC     Tylor Henry                             Alberta             5-11     184      Camrose, Alta.

REC     Mitch Hillis                              Saskatchewan  6-0       185      Saskatoon, Sask.

REC     Jonathan Mack                                    McGill                         6-0       208      St-Lambert, Que.

REC     Alex Morrison                                     UBC                6-4       220      Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.  

REC     Mitchell Picton                                     Regina             6-3       200      Regina, Sask.

REC     Adam Sinclair                          Western           5-11     197      London, Ont.

REC     Danny Vandervoort                 McMaster         6-2       200      Barrie, Ont.                 

REC     Aundrey Webster                     Alberta             5-10     185      Edmonton, Alta.         

OL       Brett Boersma                          Windsor           6-5       310      Camlachie, Ont.          

OL       Matt Degelman                                    Regina             6-3       265      Regina, Sask.  

OL       Jordan Filippelli                       Calgary                        6-5       310      Sherwood Park, Alta.

OL       Geoff Gray                              Manitoba         6-6       310      Winnipeg, Man.          

OL       Evan Johnson                          Saskatchewan  6-4       265      Regina, Sask.              

OL       Jean-Christophe Labrecque     Montreal          6-0       290      Quebec City, Que.

OL       Braden Schram                                    Calgary                        6-5       290      Manning, Alta.

OL       Danny Sprukulis                      Toronto                        6-5       315      Oakville, Ont. 


DL       Kwaku Boateng                       Laurier             6-2       240      Milton, Ont.

DL       Fabion Foote                            McMaster         6-2       290      North York, Ont.

DL       Evan Foster                              Manitoba         6-1       240      Chilliwack, B.C.         

DL       Mark Mackie                           McMaster         6-2       262      London, Ont.  

DL       Connor McGough                    Calgary                        6-2       251      Medicine Hat, Alta.

DL       Jalen Price                               Laurier             6-5       325      Hamilton, Ont.

LB       Brandon Calver                       Laurier             6-3       220      London, Ont.  

LB       Brittley Mokube                       Toronto                        6-0       212      Brampton, Ont.           

LB       Nakas Onyeka                                     Laurier             5-11     213      Brampton, Ont.           

LB       Nikita Starchenko                    York                6-4       230      Whitby, Ont.   

LB       Michael Stefanovic                  Regina             5-10     210      Moose Jaw, Sask.       

LB       Marcel Ugoh                            Windsor           6-2       200      Brampton, Ont.                       

LB       Corey Williams                        Toronto                        6-2       232      Mississauga, Ont.        

DB       Tunde Adeleke                                    Carleton           5-10     190      Ottawa, Ont.

DB       Samuel Drapeau                      Montreal          6-0       185      Montreal, Que.

DB       Orion Edwards                                     Guelph             5-9       182      Newmarket, Ont.

DB       Matt Gayer                               Windsor           5-9       190      Leamington, Ont.        

DB       Richard Gillespie                     Toronto                        5-9       190      Whitby, Ont.

DB       Jordan Hoover                                     Waterloo          6-2       190      Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.  

DB       Adam Laurensse                      Calgary                        6-1       185      Sherwood Park, Alta.  

DB       Kevin Wiens                            UBC                6-1       200      Mission, B.C.  

DB       Robert Woodson                      Calgary                        5-11     181      Calgary, Alta.

Special Teams

K         Félix Ménard-Brière                 Montreal          5-10     180      Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Que.              

Originally selected but unable to participate:

REC     Jacob Scarfone                                    Guelph             6-1       200      London, Ont.

REC     Rashaun Simonise                   Calgary           6-5       190      Vancouver, B.C.

OL       Cody Speller                            McMaster        6-3       295      Caistor Centre, Ont.   

DL       Cory Robinson                                     Calgary           6-3       260      Airdrie, Alta.   

DB       Jesse McNair                           Western            5-11     186      London, Ont.  

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Blake Nill (UBC)

Offensive Coordinator & Running Backs: Mark Surya (Wilfrid Laurier)

Defensive Coordinator: Dwayne Cameron (Wilfrid Laurier)

Special Teams Coordinator: Paul Orazietti (UBC)

Quarterbacks: Michael Faulds (Wilfrid Laurier)

Receivers: Mark McConkey (Regina)

Offensive Line: Scott Flory (Saskatchewan)

Defensive Line: Kevin Eiben (Toronto)

Linebackers: Adam Grandy (Guelph)

Defensive Backs: Donnavan Carter (Guelph)

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