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Right To Play Canada – For a child, a better education means a brighter future, and more so than ever, many educators believe that play is a critical component to achieving this.

That is why we are very grateful for your support, because together with the financial support of the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada, we are using play to break down the barriers that stand in the way of quality education. In the past year, we’ve taken tremendous strides towards this, and met countless students who now have their own stories about how play in the classroom positively impacted their lives.

Take 12-year-old Benigne, for example. She loves school, but in Rwanda, like in many of the countries where we work, girls are often treated as inferior and discouraged from speaking in the classroom. Recently, Benigne told us about her past struggles in school—recalling how boring and non-participatory lessons were, especially for female students. But ever since she started attending a school where teachers have been trained by Right To Play, her perception of both herself and her education has changed. Instead of simply writing the lesson on the chalkboard, Benigne’s new teacher uses educational games to help students feel more engaged and motivated to learn. She now has the opportunity to participate, and just as importantly, has the confidence to do so.

Not only does play help to improve lessons by making them more engaging, but structured, purposeful play activities in the classroom also help students pay attention, which increases their retention. Play also fosters a more positive and inclusive learning environment, where students like Benigne can find the confidence to reach their potential. Benigne now believes that girls can be whatever they want to be; in her case, an optometrist. 

These aspirations are important to nurture. That’s why many educators know that while what you’re teaching is important, how you teach it is the crucial component that makes the difference to a student.

With your support, we can continue to train educators and empower children like Benigne through play-based programs that are improving quality education and fostering hope for a better future.  


Lori Smith
National Director, Right To Play Canada