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Canadian Sport Institute Calgary – Own The Podium Boosts Canada’s Next Generation of Sport Scientists  

Canada’s next generation of sport scientists is getting a boost from Own the Podium (OTP), in the form of scholarships that will help them complete their graduate degrees and receive mentorship from some of the best sport scientists in Canada. 
Now in its second year, the Career Pathway Enhancement Initiative, which is funded by OTP, consists of two scholarships for graduate students at each of the seven Canadian Sport Institutes/Centres in Canada. The idea is to support and develop the next generation of sport scientists in Canada’s sport system through education and mentorship.
“We recognize that there is a need to develop more capacity in the area of sport science across the country,” says Rosie Neil, Director of Development and Strategic Programs at the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary (CSI Calgary). “This OTP program helps us bring in young, motivated scientists who are passionate about high performance sport, and use the knowledge base of our experts to help them grow.”

Canadian Sport Institute Calgary: @csicalgary
Written by Kristina Groves: @kngrover
Photo by: Dave Holland @csicalgaryphoto