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Football Canada – OTTAWA, ON (June 20, 2016) – After months of work and cooperation from stakeholders across the amateur football community in British Columbia, the BC Provincial Football Association (BCPFA) has been ratified as the Provincial Sport Organization representing the game by Football Canada. 

The ratification was made at Football Canada’s 2016 Annual General Meeting on June 18 in Banff, Alberta.

What this means:

  • Full access to Football Canada resources including safety programs and initiatives.
  • Eligibility for the province to compete at national championships at all age levels.
  • Eligibility to be represented at International competitions.
  • Access to coaching certification programming and resources.
  • Access to officials’ certification programming and resources.
  • Representation on national committees and the national board which will shape the future and growth of football in Canada.

Amateur football in BC has not been in good standing nationally since 2012 and as such have not had full access to Football Canada resources and programs. This announcement allows the game to move forward with the BCPFA working as a partner to develop the game in Canada.

“It’s great to have BC at the table again on the national level,” BCPFA Technical Director Jerry Friesen said. “Football Canada’s resources and the Long-Term Athlete Development Program are vital to the future growth of the game in this country. We are excited about the possibilities!”

“It’s good to see that the country’s football community is now united from Atlantic to Pacific coast,” newly elected Football Canada president, Kim Wudrick said. “It’s great that BC is now back as part of Football Canada, they will be a very active member which will help all our programs.”

The BCPFA, as the governing body, will ensure that everyone in the province of British Columbia will have an opportunity to play football safely and with trained coaches. The BCPFA will be a resource for its members on issues such as Football Canada’s Safe Contact program, insurance and other issues related to operating and growing amateur football in the province.

The BCPFA currently represents approximately 5,500 members including the BC Community Football Association (BCCFA), the BC Football Officials Association (BCFOA), the BC Football Conference (BCFC) of the Canadian Junior Football League and the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds. 

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About Football Canada

Established in 1884, Football Canada is the national governing body of amateur football in Canada and a proud member of the International Federation of American Football (IFAF). Working closely with the provincial football associations, we develop programs and resources for players, coaches, officials in the three disciplines of Tackle, Flag and Touch Football. Football Canada’s vision statement is “from playground to stadium” where players can participate in the game of football throughout a lifetime recreationally, competitively and internationally. 

About the BCPFA

The BCPFA was formed in 2016 to unite amateur football in BC with a common goal to grow participation in the game at local, regional, provincial, national and international levels. The BCPFA’s commitment to players, coaches, officials, organizers and partners is to create an environment of accessibility, safety and enjoyment of all levels of the game in province for its’ 5,500 members. The association represents the BC Community Football Association (BCCFA), the BC Football Officials Association (BCFOA), the BC Football Conference (BCFC) and the UBC Thunderbirds of the Canada West University Athletics Association.  

Contact Information:

Patrick DeLottinville

Coordinator, Communications

Football Canada

613-564-0003 x 226

Frank Naso,

President, BCPFA

T: 604 834 4461